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Letter from Jac – Get your heart racing

We are SO close to launching our new membership platform The Portal. Creating this has been an epic undertaking, and was about 6828x more work than I expected BUT the […]

Letter from Jac – A simple profound tool that will enhance your sleep by 30%

High stress levels, fatigue and emotional overwhelm are in abundance these days and on the downside, these things affect our mood, skin quality, our digestion, and our bodies, and sadly, […]

Letter from Jac – Thanking you, for so very much

Hello and thank you for your patience. It’s been a few weeks since I penned a Letter to you. I initially took a week off to recalibrate, and reconsider what […]

Letter from Jo – Tuning in to Love

Occasionally, when I am going about my day, not necessarily doing anything that interesting, simply out of the blue, I can experience an overwhelming sense of love. It shifts me […]

Letter from Jac – When stressed, we tend to…

When we are stressed, or a little anxious at work, or perhaps exhausted with schooling in isolation (I refuse to call it homeschooling, which is an entirely different education), or […]

Letter from Jac – The art of slowing down to ramp up

I love this quote, for I really agree with the why settle for less BUT I would also highlight, the world is often working against us when it comes to […]

Letter from Jo – Consciously Challenging Our Stories and Beliefs

We all hold stories about ourselves, what we can do what we can’t do; our preferences, things we love and things we don’t like at all. These nifty shortcuts help […]

Letter from Jac – It’s never too late to learn

Often people wait awhile to learn to meditate. It feels like something that can be learnt later, or when life gets really challenging, people tend to engage then. Thankfully it’s […]

Letter from Jac – A reminder for dealing with immense stress

When in times of immense stress and pressure, it’s so good to just come back to the basics. Today the sun dawned. Today I woke up. Today I get to […]

Letter from Jac – A powerful exercise for you to engage with

Today I want you to undertake a little exercise. Carve out 30-60 minutes and sit down and write out how you hope your life will look like in 20 years. […]