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L E T T E R from Emily – Presence

Why do we find it so hard to stay in the present? More and more so we are hearing all about the benefits of present moment awareness, mindfulness and all […]

L E T T E R – What Will You Think

There is so much talk of the power of positive thinking, so much science to back it up, yet I feel that most of us skim through really never engaging […]

L E T T E R – Do It

There are so many layers to this, and I’ll map out today a few key things to consider when wondering how to ‘just do it’. Let’s start tiny and work […]

L E T T E R – Nowhere To Get

With our meditation practice, with our spiritual quests, our creative endeavors, there is nowhere to get, nothing to gain. Frustrating from a Western point of view if we have been […]

L E T T E R – Meaningfulness

I spent the weekend with Jeff Kober teaching about understanding our humanity, our spirituality, our dharma and how to enliven consciousness. It was spectacular. Jeff’s delivery of knowledge, and his […]

L E T T E R ­- Move Your Arse

I think this quote is such a great follow on from yesterday and I believe it so much. I had someone send me the loveliest message, and within it was […]

L E T T E R – To Be Breath Taken

I’m clearly having an emotional week as represented in all the Letters! I feel so positive and taken with the beauty of life I am gobsmacked. Inspired and in the […]

L E T T E R – Attitudes Do Make a Difference

Has there been a truer sentence written? Do we already know it? Why are we not embracing this every single moment?   This Letter today is short for two reasons; I […]

L E T T E R – When Two Waves Collide

When you stand on a sandbank in the ocean, on certain tides, the waves wash in from the breakers and then sometimes hit the banks in such a way that […]

L E T T E R – What Will You Choose?

The glass half empty mentality we all know, but do we actually live glass half full. Every moment. Is everything a gift and an opportunity, or do we see much […]

L E T T E R – Defining Success

I loved reading the bravery, anguish, creative processes and determination of Bill Strickland in his autobiographical book Making The Impossible Possible. He truly redefines what success could mean, and continues […]

L E T T E R – Recovery Time

I had an experience years and years ago, where I went to see a friend of mine who is a healer, and I had been practising Vedic meditation for a […]

L E T T E R – Oh Ego

Chogyam Tungpa Rinpoche was asked by a student, “Why do you think that people are so protective of their egos? Why is it so hard to let go of one’s ego?”. […]

L E T T E R – The Force Within Us

I love this commitment. That we can be changed by what occurs to us, and we can determine not to be reduced by anything. There is a Chapter in the […]

L E T T E R – The Universe Whispers

Underneath all the noise; our intellect, thinking mind, egos, the exterior machinations of society, other peoples opinions, there is a universal truth. It’s what we access when we sit for […]

Wishing Won’t Work

Sometimes the intellect can be so defined, that we forget we must apply it. Like a tool that sits in a shed, it’s nothing with application. In regards to doing […]

So Much Opportunity

Such a simple shift in mindset occurs when reading this. I like the word opportunity. It means gift, which sometimes can be hard to stomach when we think ‘reaaaallly, this […]

All The Damn Thoughts

Have you ever listened to all the thoughts going on in your head? I sat in the most beautiful garden last week on my little Retreat, overlooking a huge pond, […]

Meditation Or Meditative?

Lately I’ve found there is so much confusion around what meditation is, what makes it different to some other relaxation techniques and why we want to learn a effective style […]

Meeting Yourself

Rumi passed away 700 years ago and is still the best selling poet in America. His ecstasy filled complications of words, he apparently never penned himself but dictated whilst whirling […]

The Roar of The Universe

The ego, so loud, so insistent, so annoying, so abrupt. The heart, so gentle, so mild, so curious. If we continue to honour our ego over our heart, the universe will eventually roar so loudly, with such force […]

Down That Chute

I love Tina Fey, and I love this quote. Overthinking jams up the whole system. We just have to get in and get our hands dirty. When we were in […]

The Besieged Everydayness Of Life

Remember that episode of The Simpsons were Marge blew a mind gasket and froze up on the bridge, windows up, refusing to come out of the car? She was so overwhelmed with responsibility and […]

What Other People Think

Dealing with the fear of ‘what other people think’ affects so many of our students, and myself. I hear about why people won’t leave a job/partner/friendship or follow their heart. […]

The Danger of The Majority

When it comes to spiritual growth, self development and our actively evolving, it can get tricky at times. Sometimes what we want to believe is so strong, that we can […]

The Burn

Years back I had to really ask myself why were the unimportant things and people in my life getting so much attention, and the things and people that lit me […]

Being Kind Under Pressure

This week I woke to the micro pressures of teaching meditation, a tonne of mentoring, many many meetings, workshops, talks and teacher training. In essence, perhaps too much in one week. […]

The Perfection Of It All

“Thus, this supremely perfect order of the Universe goes on all around us. But the structure is so vast, and our thinking so ego-centered, that we mistake perfect order for […]

Talking Broadly with Nadia Marshall

We discovered Nadia through her incredible accessible and interesting books. She’s a gifted Ayurvedic consultant based on the far North Coast of NSW in Mullumbimby. We highly recommend downloading her […]