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L E T T E R – When Two Waves Collide

When you stand on a sandbank in the ocean, on certain tides, the waves wash in from the breakers and then sometimes hit the banks in such a way that […]

L E T T E R – Zen Walking

Kin Hin is a very beautiful practice of walking with presence, sometimes called Zen Walking. I remember still when first learning it on a Sesshin and being astounded at how […]

L E T T E R – Anxiety

I have one rule for our meditation students and that is that they never apologise for not meditating.   Being anxious, stressed or strung out about our practice ensures we […]

L E T T E R – The Journey

Sometimes the most frequently referenced quotes and lines that are by now cheesy, are the most true, such as the journey being the destination. When we become so focused on […]

L E T T E R – Inside Out

It’s tempting to think that all the answers lie outside of us. It allows us to hold others responsible. To blame others if life doesn’t go to plan if we […]

L E T T E R – Perfecting The Fundamentals

Continuing on from yesterday’s letter, I wanted to talk further about commitment. I study karate and it’s mind-blowingly frustrating because there are no shortcuts at all. You literally just have […]

L E T T E R – There Are No Shortcuts

I first learnt to officially meditate when I was in my late teens. It was a funny little course held by a yoga teacher and I was mystified and hooked […]

Meditation Or Meditative?

Lately I’ve found there is so much confusion around what meditation is, what makes it different to some other relaxation techniques and why we want to learn a effective style […]

Meeting Yourself

Rumi passed away 700 years ago and is still the best selling poet in America. His ecstasy filled complications of words, he apparently never penned himself but dictated whilst whirling […]

Down That Chute

I love Tina Fey, and I love this quote. Overthinking jams up the whole system. We just have to get in and get our hands dirty. When we were in […]

Are You Brave Enough To Audit

High Grade Living is about living the best life we can, with the tools and knowledge to grant us access to our inner wisdom, so that we are always accessing […]

Combatting Overwhelm

This time of year is supposed to be all about fresh starts, and new beginnings and a ‘wealth of opportunity’ but it can also be insanely overwhelming! This is the […]

A Daily Commitment

As we begin to dive into into 2018, I wanted to share a mantra, a daily commitment to move beyond our thoughts about the world, what the thoughts of others […]

The Need To Disconnect To Connect

It’s the time of year when I am at my most engaged. We have all our meditation courses before the year wraps, our Byron Bay retreat and I just graduated […]

The Medicine For Modern Living

Seth Godin popped into my inbox with “Are there places do you feel like you’re falling behind where there’s actually no race?”, and it reminded me of being in the […]