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Our Journal is filled with recipes, philosophical musings, tools to be a better human, tips for travel, meditation, yoga as well as the latest special offerings and events from The Broad Place

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    What If You Only Had 2 Hours

    I was listening to the Tim Ferriss Podcast as he was listing the ‘Impossible 17 Questions That Changed My Life’ and one in particular struck me ‘if you only had two hours a week to work on your business what would you do?’. HeRead More

    What Lies In The Shadows

    This year I was dedicated to refining the difference between judgement and discernment. They really are poles apart. It’s a funny thing really, judgement gets a bad rap, as in ‘don’t be judgemental’ meaning in essence don’t be mean to others that are differentRead More

    ‘You Are Welcome Here’

    Diving back into my Zen studies this year (a hilarious concept really as you can ‘study Zen’ you just need to  ‘be Zen’, but I do still love to study everything as a learning process), taught me a lot about being with something ratherRead More

    The Year That Was…

    I personally felt that 2016 was incredible. Incredibly inspiring and incredibly trying. When things heighten, they heighten on all fronts. I have found it unusual for it to be all ‘good’ at one time, there’s always challenges mixed in there to the same volume.Read More

    Inspiration Needed?

    As we close off 2016, and move into 2017, I find it essential at this time of year to write down what I have experienced, what I have learnt, and what I am committed to for the next year. Gratitude comes into this exercise,Read More

    January Workshop

    The art of creating yourself; the greatest gift you can give to yourself is deepening your education. Who is the being behind all the doing? If you want to expand your clarity and consciousness, join Jacqui Lewis on a January workshop in Manifestation and Intention SettingRead More