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Our Journal is filled with recipes, philosophical musings, tools to be a better human, tips for travel, meditation, yoga as well as the latest special offerings and events from The Broad Place

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    A Commitment To Really Live

    I’m not sure if it’s the end of year, Summer alighting our doorstep or maybe I’m just getting older, but the last few weeks I’ve been emotional. Not sad, but moved to tears constantly by beauty and things that make my heart break. ARead More

    Bridging Course in Vedic Meditation

    The Bridging Course is a great option for those wanting to realign with their practise. It allows you to join us in one of our group courses for sessions, 2, 3 & 4. (As you’ve already received your mantra you don’t need to resitRead More

    When Did It Get So Hard To Say Sorry

    Yesterday Arran and Marley were arguing over something small, and I stepped in with an opinion and completely overrode what Arran had said. He was pissed, called me on it after Marley had left, and immediately I could feel it; my own defensiveness insteadRead More

    Being Kind Under Pressure

    This week I woke to the micro pressures of teaching meditation, a tonne of mentoring, many many meetings, workshops, talks and teacher training. In essence, perhaps too much in one week. It’s the perils of doing what you love and the never ending process ofRead More

    The Need To Disconnect To Connect

    It’s the time of year when I am at my most engaged. We have all our meditation courses before the year wraps, our Byron Bay retreat and I just graduated a group of meditation teachers and have another starting! So being clever with energyRead More

    New Year’s Immersion Workshops and Course in Meditation

        We are that pumped for 2018. There is something incredible building in the cosmos for this year, can you feel it also? We are soon to announce some huge shifts within The Broad Place as we work on our mission of enhancingRead More

    The Medicine For Modern Living

    Seth Godin popped into my inbox with “Are there places do you feel like you’re falling behind where there’s actually no race?”, and it reminded me of being in the karate dojo bordering on tears as I was doing so terribly and hadn’t beenRead More

    A Remedy For Shame

    When I first started writing these little letters to our students, I felt the deepest shame. Who the hell was I to share thoughts? I was so keen to move past this bad feeling though, inspired by mentors and teachers who got out ofRead More

    Hell Is Just Resistance To Life

    On the weekend just been I had too much to juggle and responsibilities I didn’t want to fulfill and I just wanted to fall into a heap and listen to the rain and rest. So I acted like the deeply evolved person I amRead More

    The Broad Place Code of Conduct

    – Our teachings are based on time-honoured truths and practical experience and are outcome based and are focussed on improving the quality of life for our students, teachers and community. – We will respect different approaches to meditation and the sharing of knowledge. We willRead More