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Our Journal is filled with recipes, philosophical musings, tools to be a better human, tips for travel, meditation, yoga as well as the latest special offerings and events from The Broad Place

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    L E T T E R – Choices

    When we were in Los Angeles we went to a small, lesser-known private art gallery, and the gentleman working there enhanced our experience ten fold, by enthusiastically showing us through the show, describing the artists, their concepts, history, and purpose. I thoroughly enjoyed itRead More

    L E T T E R – The Disturbing Truth

    This took me a LONG time to get my head around when it came to spirituality and creativity. I enjoyed the sweeter parts, the ‘oh that’s so lovely’ feeling, the gentle ‘well that makes sense’ realisations that never shocked, but felt warm and fuzzy.Read More

    L E T T E R – A Fractured Dance

    When I was teaching meditation in Silverlake, we spoke collectively about the current frenzy and uptake of spiritual practices and self development. We are on one hand in a wonderful time as wisdom, education and techniques for higher grade living are more readily accessibleRead More

    L E T T E R – Y O U R H E L P

    As a school, we are here for our students. Everything we do, is about helping you live your highest grade life. Currently we are in the thick of creating so many new things for you, and refining so many that we have already inRead More

    L E T T E R – R E C O V E R Y

    We are all recovering from something, whether it be grief, the ego’s grip, addiction, perfectionism, heartbreak. There’s deep recovery, and there’s daily shallow recovery, from our attachment to our prejudices, biases, and ideas that have been formed through the ego.    Recovery takes time,Read More

    L E T T E R – An Exploration

    I love this quote by Bruce Lee. He was profound, inspiring, motivated and disciplined.    Today have a look into what every day would look like if you adopted all of these points. Even if you took a single one and brought the principleRead More

    L E T T E R – The Journey

    Sometimes the most frequently referenced quotes and lines that are by now cheesy, are the most true, such as the journey being the destination. When we become so focused on our goal, we can lose sight of what’s happening on the path to getRead More

    L E T T E R – To Tread Lightly

    I like to think of this not just as treading the earth lightly, but whilst treading, being ultra aware of everything. The cracks in the pavement, the trees, the sun blocked by cloud creating a lukewarm glow over all the buildings. The sounds surroundingRead More

    L E T T E R – Continuous Growth

    There’s nowhere to ‘get to’ in our spiritual, physical and mental endeavours. Just continual growth. It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes in modern Western society as we are so goal orientated. Awhile back I was in the dojo with my karate Sensei andRead More

    L E T T E R – Squeamish

    When I am traveling, I really dislike airports. I wish I was more cool and Zen and what not, and didn’t have these kinds of things bother me, but, the reality is, they do. And so I distract myself, and get slightly anxious andRead More

    L E T T E R – Soul Search

    Not often are we encouraged in the West to renew our spirit and our spiritual thinking. I’m writing this from New York, where it is jam-packed with hundreds of flavours of humanity, densely packed onto the top of one another. I’ve been searching forRead More

    L E T T E R – The Power Of Water

    Water, the incredibly dynamic and flexible qualities that can shift it from ice to fluid, to steam. Imagine if we could also be that flexible? Our physical bodies may not be able to, but our consciousness and our minds and thinking can be. OurRead More

    L E T T E R – Our Last Act

    What if today was the very last day of our lives? If tomorrow we never woke up. I like entertaining this line of thought, as it brings me completely into the present. This tea; last cup ever. This shower; the very last one. This kiss; ourRead More

    L E T T E R – Inside Out

    It’s tempting to think that all the answers lie outside of us. It allows us to hold others responsible. To blame others if life doesn’t go to plan if we don’t feel spiritual enough, grateful enough if the work isn’t going our way, theRead More

    L E T T E R – Empathy

    We get mean when we feel scared. It’s pretty simple yet we forget this all the time. The difference in someone when they are falling in love with someone and how they behave in the world, and someone who is undergoing a traumatic breakupRead More

    L E T T E R – Just Now

    Future Projecting is something I teach and talk about a lot, as it’s a huge rut we get stuck in. It’s when we delay our own happiness as something isn’t quite right now. It’s when we say once we move/get the house/renovate the house/getRead More

    L E T T E R – Oneness

    In Vedanta, an ancient body of knowledge from where our meditation practice originates, there is the concept that duality, separateness must be overcome, and then enlightenment is present once the embrace of oneness is fully embraced. The idea that there is just one thingRead More

    L E T T E R – Present Moment Awareness

    Have you ever been driving your car and thought to yourself, I can’t remember driving through the last 2 suburbs? Or have you been eating something and reached down for another piece and it’s all gone? This occurs when we fall out of awarenessRead More

    L E T T E R – Defining Success

    I loved reading the bravery, anguish, creative processes and determination of Bill Strickland in his autobiographical book Making The Impossible Possible. He truly redefines what success could mean, and continues to go after it with innovation and resilience.  Our own version of success isRead More

    L E T T E R – F*#k The Fear

    Rest is undervalued in today’s frenetic society. I know it for myself. I burnt the candles at both ends for too long, and about 2 years ago with our move to Palm Beach decided no more. However we have to constantly be vigilant, orRead More

    L E T T E R – A Cat On A Leash

    I hear too often nonsense about ‘taming the mind’ and references to a monkey and wild horses. The mind isn’t an animal that can be tamed into submission. It can’t be beaten and bullied, and then all of a sudden will do as youRead More