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Benefits of Meditation

The technique we teach at The Broad Place has been regarded as one of the key practice in harmonising the mind body connection since ancient times. Now, with modern research and  science, the benefits of mediation are being praised as many look further into this highly effective tool. Mediation improves creativity and clarity and reduces stress, great news as the demands of modern life increase. 

Meditation is quickly becoming a mainstream practice as studies continue to show remarkable results in the improvement of general health and wellbeing as well as emotional and spiritual connections. People are now being advised to learn a transcendent technique of meditation by their psychologist, general practitioner, chiropractor, dentist and more.



Over the past 40 years more than 200 universities have funded extensive study into the benefits of a regular meditation practice. The National Institute of Health alone have invested over $26 Million into this research and have demonstrated that mediation can reduce stress and illness and shift the individuals perception of self. We now have the Western sciences to complement the Ancient Eastern philosophy.


More antibodies, making for a stronger immune system 

87% Less hospitalisations for chronic heart disease 

30% Less hospitalisations for infectious disease 

50% Less disease in general, even compared to non-mediating athletes

48% Decreased risk of stroke

Reduced blood pressure by up to 7mm/hg


75% Less reported depression

30% Less Anxiety

65% Increase to reports of better general wellbeing

Reduction of stress hormone cortisol, making students less stressed and better equip to manage stressful events 



Lessens fear and experience of loneliness 

Enhances self-esteem 

Improves Tolerance to pain

Helps prevent negative emotional patterns such as overeating and smoking

10 x Improved focus and clarity than non-meditators

Meditation shows to significantly improve productivity, cognitive function, self-regulation, problem solving and correction of negative behavioural patterns 


There has been a large amount of research into the neuroplasticity of the human brain, current neuroscience is now saying that our brains are totally changeable-like soft plastic. As we repeat behaviour we not only change ourselves on an mental level but also physiologically. Studies have shown the grey matter, responsible for memory, learning and abstract thinking is much larger and has faster response times in meditators.