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Byron Bay Retreat


Every year we host our magnificent Retreat at Byron Bay on Australia's East Coast.  Our December 2018 Byron Bay Retreat is now fully booked, and we are opening places for our February Retreat. You're invited to join us at the luscious Atlantic Byron Bay where everything will be created around our three key pillars of Creativity, Consciousness and Clarity Retreat. Our wonderful inspired energy goes into the meticulous planning in creating all our Retreats.

There is something we call the 'Retreat Effect' that can occur for students, where they feel great on a retreat, then gritty and resentful once back into home and work life. We have carefully curated this Byron Bay Retreat to not only cocoon you in nature and allow you to immerse in deep knowledge with an amazing community, but also to arm you with the tools, wisdom, and practices to allow you to integrate everything for once you return home. We feel this is vital to a brilliant experience and creating lasting change.

Our Retreats are the kinds of experiences that you will glow for months from. The grounding down, the relaxation, and the unwinding of years of stress, tension fatigue out of the nervous system are unsurpassed. The creativity, calm and feeling of joy and wonder that occurs, our students absolutely cherish.

“Now ‘life changing’ shouldn’t be bandied around and its certainly not what I was expecting, but what I have come away with from The Broad Place Byron Bay Retreat is something deep and beautiful. I feel I have been given a very important key to creating the reality I desire” – LARA


Welcome to your ultimate indulgence of 4 days and 3 evenings of blissful immersion into conscious expansion, ancient knowledge and practices and as always, our famous food and delights. Enjoy soaking up the beauty of nature in Byron Bay, the eastern most point of Australia which take place from midday Thursday 21st February to midday Sunday 24th February!!
At The Broad Place we take incredible care and place attention to detail on the things that we feel count.

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We host our Byron Bay Retreats at our friends and students property Atlantic Byron Bay as it's simply the best. The Atlantic Byron Bay is a lifestyle hotel. The perfect combination of location and style surrounded by swaying palm trees and the sound of the ocean. The Atlantic is the perfect getaway for couples with cafes, shops and white sandy beaches all steps from your deck. Soak up the sun on the lawn, hide under a palm tree and enjoy the balmy evenings by the fire pit.  Cast off your bags and start making moments at your home away from home.


We will meet on the Thursday afternoon at Atlantic  from 2pm for your check in at the Atlantic Byron Bay.  There will be beautiful teas, drinks and sweet treats to enjoy in the time you get settled, and at 5pm we will meet under the palms to enjoy a beautiful traditional Vedic ceremony. This is then followed by a Meditation Class (for those learning) or a private Rounding session. After everyone has become grounded and centred we will share a delicious nourishing dinner, to be held at the Atlantic in the garden around the fire, with an introduction to the program ahead by Jac under the stars with hot cups of coconut chai. Jac will host a Talk on Setting Intention, Present Moment Awareness and how to absorb the most from the experiences ahead. An early night is planned for the first evening to decompress from the travel.

On Friday we will be taking part in a special Breath, Mind and Body Yoga Class for 90 minutes and then enjoy a fresh and uplifting breakfast to keep everyone light and cleansed. A morning Meditation class or Rounding session (Rounding is an advanced practice for students who have already learnt meditation) will take place to bring everyone’s minds and bodies into alignment. Lunch you will be able to curate yourself, either ducking down the road to enjoy the many of Byron Bay's beautiful cafes, or you can bring something to prepare at Atlantic to be enjoyed on the grass surrounded by birds, the little gecko's and lizards.

There will be some free time in the afternoon to walk the sands of Byron Bay beach, hike to the lighthouse or simply relax and read in the sun by the pool at The Atlantic. That evening a wonderful early dinner will be prepared for you to enjoy together, with an evening stroll to the sounds of all the wildlife in the reserve by Atlantic, and then an evening philosophy session/workshop hosted by Jac on Defining Your High Grade Life.

“The retreat in Byron Bay was just what I needed. It was a beautiful gift to myself to take time out, learn the Vedic Meditation technique in a beautiful setting, be nourished by good food, be enriched by Jac’s teachings, to enjoy the company of likeminded people and the company of myself in our free time. Thank you Jac and Arran for making this happen. One week later and I am already feeling the benefit in my life. I look forward to doing this again sometime soon!” – ANNA

On Saturday, an early morning dip in the ocean and sunrise walk is available, or you might want to pop down the street for a coffee or fresh smoothie at one of the many amazing cafes in Byron.
We'll enjoy a casual group  breakfast, and then the morning meditation class will take place with Rounding sessions for the Vedic meditators. Lunch again will be at your leisure, before an expansive afternoon Workshop including key topics such as
- Creating Your High Grade Values (so you can understand yourself better),
- Editing-Auditing-Refining Your Life ( to be empowered to be your best self)
- High Grade Communication (a key pillar to high grade living!)
- Understanding and enhancing Compassion, Gratitude and Loving Kindness
This deep Workshop will leave you with so many tools, philosophies and practices to incorporate into your life once home

On Sunday, a little sleep in will be available and then a gentle 60 minute Body, Breath and Yoga class (with a focus on how to continue a gentle practice at home) before a group Vedic meditation and Micro Workshop on Creating Ritual and Routine in Daily Life.  Brunch will be served and will be spectacular and the Retreat will wrap at midday on the Sunday.

We have two types of packages available and different room options. As this Retreat is customisable to your package and room, and we have limited rooms and places available, please email Shearry with what you desire and we will see how we can best accomodate this.

The ROUNDING RETREAT PACKAGE for the guest and student that already practices Vedic Meditation where we will work on the ancient art of Rounding.

The MEDITATION RETREAT PACKAGE for those wishing to learn Vedic Meditation in this beautiful setting, you will sit a 4 session course over the Retreat for an additional $770.

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- Your beautiful room of choice at the Atlantic Byron Bay, including housekeeping daily to clean your room and refresh toiletries and towels, and access to all Atlantic's beautiful gardens, pools, dining and lounging areas for 3 nights and 4 days
- 3 beautiful breakfasts
- 3 nourishing dinners
- casual cooking classes available
- 2 afternoon teas with treats served
- all Talks and Workshops
- the 2 yoga classes
- tea and coffee in the kitchens will be available for you at your leisure


If you have not yet learnt Vedic Meditation, you can do so at the Retreat with Jac, at a special reduced rate of $770 from our regular fee of $1200.There is a special energy created amongst guests when all undertaking and absorbing the benefits of Vedic meditation, and so with the intention of creating cohesion and optimal experience of this for all our guests, this Retreat is only open to those that already practice Vedic Meditation or TM, or are interested in learning and practicing Vedic Meditation on this Retreat.


This is the base package for students who have already learnt Vedic Meditation, please note if you are learning on the Retreat an additional $770 will be added to your invoice.

paid in full prior to Dec 30th, $1000 non-refundable deposit required to secure booking

Single Adult (non sharing)
Albatross and Tropical Room $3350
Classic Room $3095
Cabana Room $2795

 Shared Rooms Per Adult Rate (shared, you must bring a friend/partner and only available in these rooms and these are limited)
Albatross and Tropical Room $2095

Classic Room $2750

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paid in full prior to Jan 30th, $1000 non-refundable deposit required to secure booking

Single Adult (non sharing)
Albatross and Tropical Room $3550
Classic Room $3295
Cabana Room $2995

 Shared Rooms Per Adult Rate (shared, you must bring a friend/partner and only available in these rooms and these are limited)
Albatross and Tropical Room $2295

Classic Room $2950

We are unable to provide any refund once the room has been booked as we have already paid the room in full in Byron Bay.  As such, there’s no room to move. We are happy to take other guests in your place if you want to send someone else and they can provide you with the money, this would give you a full refund effectively, but it's on you please to source those persons.

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- Getting to and from Atlantic Byron Bay is not included and will be up to the individual
- Lunches daily are not included and will be taken at your leisure daily

“The Broad Place Byron Retreat was a perfectly curated four days of meditation, workshops, rest and nourishment in one of the most heavenly places in the country. Days were structured with a balance of group work and independent time with plenty of support and guidance from Jacqui and her amazing team. The Atlantic Guesthouses was a fitting venue for this inspiring few days providing luxurious accommodation and excellent location right in town and only a few minutes walk from the beach. I came away refreshed, enthusiastic and ready to take on my busy life again but with a bit more clarity and optimism. I would love to do this one again soon!” – VIC

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“I loved Jac’s talks. In fact my advice would be to add more of them to the programme. You only had to look at the fixated looks on everyone’s faces to know that the thirst is there” JENNY