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Correct Practice Of Meditation

These tips apply to Vedic Meditation, however, many are applicable to other techniques so please feel free to employ them even if you don’t practice the Vedic technique!

– A regular practice of 20 minutes twice a day, ideally first thing in the morning on rising, and mid afternoon. If we meditate at night, before dinner is best.

– Meditation before eating is recommended. Or it is best to wait around 2 hours after eating before meditating.

– We spend half a minute settling in, then introduce the mantra gently, no effort! The mantra is the vehicle, not the goal, we give permission for the mantra to do as it pleases and it might change tempo, sound, elongate etc, all of which is completely natural.

– Thoughts are a by product of meditation, we don’t worry about them, we simply smile easily, and return gently to the mantra. We are not interested in the meaning of the thoughts, we know it is just purification.

– Exceptions to twice daily practice include when flying, when pregnant and when ill. Then you may practice as much as is comfortable, and meditating while flying is highly recommended to alleviate jetlag. Also when you are ‘under the pump’ a tactical meditation can be introduced.

– Noise is no barrier to meditation. If we can think, we can meditate. We don’t strain against the noise, or jam the mantra in to override it, we simply favour the mantra, and the noises can remain in the background.

– Dip the cloth, fade the cloth; ultimately the more we meditate the more steadfast our experience of bringing that grounded stillness with us into the world is, and the more we operate from Pure Consciousness.

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