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8 Weeks
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We will focus on a span of wisdom, intuition, neuroscience, and tools to balance the somatic body and thinking mind. This course will be primarily about YOU, as an individual, as a woman, as a leader in all areas of life, and then through a deeper understanding of who you are and what you can bring to the world, we will span outwards into your life. 

Start Date – October 16th, 2023
Final Date – Dec 12th, 2023

8 Week Level One Course

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Additional Option
3 x Hour Long One on One Mentoring Sessions with Jacqui held throughout the course $1800AUD reduced to $1500AUD


“I work with so many remarkable women, and have been wanting to connect them together and simultaneously support them for years, and the time feels ripe to do so. To bring together women who are leaders, whether it be in their workplace, within their business, or within their family life – and support them to understand the multiple facets of themselves, live and create more consciously, increase joy and flow, and ultimately create a platform for long-lasting transformation that will serve them, is my very heart-centered intention. I believe that as women we need more women who we can look up to, engage with and be supported by, to expand us beyond our self-limiting beliefs and conditioning and pave a new way forward.”

– JACQUI LEWIS, course facilitator and The Broad Place founder. 

What does it include

Areas we will cover include;

– A deep understanding of Confidence and Self Esteem and how to boost both

– Meditation and practices to support somatic body and mind

– Understanding the nervous system and its regulation for more harmony and greater rest

– How to honour oneself and one’s responsibilities

– Wise decision-making and excellent time management

– Cultivating inner wisdom and intuition

– Egoic structures and self-sabotage

– Understanding and working with key Archetypes and Parts that undermine or aid us

The course spans 8 weeks with

– 6 short Modules of audio and video classes that will be sent to you weekly

– 6 Live Calls of 75 minutes with other participants led by Jacqui, a great way to connect with a community, work with Jacqui live and learn.

– 6 Weekly Meditation Practices

– Final Live Workshop of 2 hours

– Recommended Reading List

– Spotify Playlists to Support various mindset shifts

– a private What’s App group spanning the 8 weeks

There is also

– Additional Option for One-on-One Mentoring with Jacqui to support you on a deeper level.

We will begin the program on Monday 16th October and the live calls will start 23rd and 24th of October – where we will have a run of 6 live calls, a break week, then a big 2-hour review and wrap call at 5 pm Dec 11th or Dec 12th, 8 am AEDT.

We will have two options for the Live Calls, and each call will be recorded so you can catch up if necessary. One call option will be Monday evenings at 5 pm AEDT (day list savings time) which is Monday morning for the Europe and UK and afternoon for Asia. The second call option will be 8 am Tuesday AEDT which is Monday afternoon for America. You can join either call each week as fits with your schedule.


This is for women who want to thrive with more confidence, self-worth, and a deeper understanding of self.

Any woman who currently leads or wishes to. This is not simply a ‘business leadership course’ although the teachings can be applied directly. This is for women who have a family, a circle of community or friendships, who run their own business, work full or part-time, or are simply looking to deepen their relationship with themselves through thoughtful, practical, and soul-aligned understanding.

Our previous participants have spanned executive coaches, stay-at-home mothers, psychotherapists, designers and artists, creative directors, business founders, archeologists, actuaries, authors, and more.


  • “Jac is one of life’s humans that sparkles with enthusiasm for teaching and life. She has a way of making you feel completely and utterly safe and relaxed in her hands. There is no judgment no hierarchy. Jac is deliciously open-minded and constantly learning herself. Above all, she is a human who admits happily to making mistakes and finding her way  & learning from them as opposed to a teacher sitting on a pedestal having found the answers. It’s such a refreshing attitude. Jac has a gift to make you feel relaxed & excited to learn and discover more about yourself. She has a seemingly endless wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience.  Jac is an open book and constantly creates new experiences to learn from and challenge herself and her students with. Having had a lucky chance meeting with Jac and take her integrated meditation course my life changed, in a million better ways. I learned to cope with the curve balls life threw at me with a calmer more conscious & balanced outlook. I learned to understand myself and listen to what my body needs rather than what my mind thought it needed. I learned to look at problems in a new light and solve them using my intuition and heart as opposed to jumping in with fear or anger or more often avoidance. I feel calmer,  happier, and more joyful of all the little pleasures life gives for free throughout the day. Savouring these golden moments, rather than pushing blindly through, eyes squeezed shut. My eyes are opened my senses alighted. I learned to really see, smell and enjoy what was around me again. I look forward to years of learning & growing with her”. 

    Chantal Conrad, London, UK
  • “Joining the empowered women course after dipping my toes into a number of Jac’s shorter teaching sessions has been so rewarding. Jac has a great way of fusing traditional learnings and ideas, with contemporary leadership musings, and a scientific overlay from psychology and neuroscience areas. The course has been a great mix of practical and emotional study, with Jac offering support for my nuanced place as a leader – not just at work, but in the community and at home. The tools and reflections are going to continue to be a great asset in the years to come”.

    Aly Admundson
  • “The empowered Women course showed up at exactly the right time in my life. It’s truly been my anchor whilst I navigate big life chapters. The tools Jac has introduced us to so far, has allowed me to take a good look at some of my shadows and light, and usually It takes alot out of me to dive into this kind of work but with the support of the group being women, it’s felt really supportive. I particularly love that we have an intimate group chat where we brain dump and share our experiences, downloads and thoughts. It has made me feel less alone in this heavy chapter that I am navigating in at the moment, and it’s given me the confidence with the tools to move through life with more grace”.

    Heanney Banks, Hong Kong
  • “Studying with Jac for me has been so incredible. To learn, share and integrate the learnings with such a humble, real and authentic leader such as Jac has been a game changer. Inspiring and real and I can’t recommend her enough”.


    Jacinta McDonnell
  • “With so many courses out there, how do you choose? For me, it’s always about the teacher. Jac is highly educated in the topics she covers, has been exploring these ideas herself for years, is super enthusiastic, funny and real. In a world where spiritual teachers take themselves way too seriously, Jac is a breath of fresh air.

    She has helped me explore my inner dimensions and contractions with both compassion and humour.

    What I love about this course is that you can take the ideas and layer them into your work life, your love life, or your domestic life!”


    Fleur Chambers, Melbourne Australia