May High Grade Living Workshop Melbourne – The Broad Place
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May High Grade Living Workshop Melbourne

“You deserve the best. Never feel unworthy or not justified in having the best. I tell you, this is your heritage, but you have to expect it; you have to claim it. To do so is not demanding too much”  Guru Dev

One of our great teachers Guru Dev, his Divinity, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati spoke these words. It’s a call to claim the Highest Grade.

High Grade Living is having the absolute best of everything. The richest experiences, the most intriguing and nourishing relationships, a curious and intelligent mind, travelling to experience wondrous things and staying home to experience wonderful things. High Grade Living doesn’t mean striving and pushing for luxury and premium.

It means navigating away from to the low grade, and claiming the highest grade for yourself and for others. We actually already have High Grade lives, and are surrounded by High Grade everywhere. It is usually just muddled up with so much low grade around it.

High Grade Living is about letting all the low grade fall away. Little by little. Every day we favour the high grade increasing and make choices and decisions in which we allow and facilitate the low grade to decline. We take this thought with us in everything we do; ‘will this bring me happiness, or reduce it’ and then we make an educated decision.

We are very excited to introduce you to a Workshop in Melbourne on High Grade Living. We are going to explore three key areas to create a High Grade Existence – Thinking, Actions and Being.


The Broad Place High Grade Living Workshop

This Workshop will involve philosophy, and more importantly practical ways in which to incorporate this philosophy. Being inspired is wonderful. Knowing how to use that inspiration in thoughtful and effective ways is even better. We will be focussing on both.

The Workshop will begin with an introduction by Jacqui Lewis on High Grade Living. Following this Jacqui will host a half hour question and answer session with guests (TBA) speaking on the topics of authenticity and integrity and their tools surrounding High Grade Living.

The Workshop will then move into Jacqui leading Learn Then Implement sessions surrounding High Grade Thinking, Actions and Being.

A beautiful afternoon tea will be included.


Workshop, worksheets, take home material, a guided meditation experience and tea and treats.


Saturday, May 22nd, 2021


12.45pm arrival for a 1pm start with the event completing at 4pm


This Workshop will take place in a private residence; CBD Melbourne (The exact address will be given once you’ve booked in)


Workshop, afternoon tea, and workbook $250 incl GST


For more information please contact

To book your place simply click HERE to pay online.

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