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If you have already learnt Vedic Meditation with another teacher but wish to access these modules, our community and learn Rounding, please apply for our Bridging Course

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This Rounding Video Tuition is a gift to all meditation students of The Broad Place. If you wish to become a Member please contact us. Already a member? Log in HERE.

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The Broad Place Forum

Title:The Broad Place – End of Year Meeting

Title:The Broad Place Overwhelmed and Over Committed

Title:The Broad Place Working With Conflict

Title:The Broad Place Control Vs Vulnerability

Title:Recharge Session – Stress, Samskaras and How To Add Less

Title:Recharge Session – Being Under The Pump and Vedic Meditation

Title:Recharge Session – Fatigue and Meditation with Elise Catchlove

Title:Recharge Session – Get Re-inspired To Meditation

Title:Recharge Session – States Of Flux, Transition and Meditation

Title:Recharge Session – Meditation and Compassion

Title:Recharge Session – Enhancing Joy

Title:Recharge Session – Defining and Working with Correct Meditation, Sleep and Rest

Title:Recharge Session – Meditation, Creative Thinking and Ideas

Title:Recharge Session – Meditation and Expanding Consciousness

Title:Recharge Session – Finding the time and motivation to meditate consistently with Briar Macky

Title:Recharge Session – Meditating At Work

Title:Recharge Session – Better Deeper Sleep and Sleeping in Meditation

Title:Recharge Session – Why Am I Meditating?

Title:Recharge Session – Meditation, Stress Release and Recycling Stress In Our Days

Title:Recharge Session – Meditation and Our Practice Outside Of Sitting

Title:Recharge Session – Meditation And Correct Mantra Use

Title:Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting – Surrender

Title:Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting – Vulnerability and Authenticity

Title:Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting with Jeff Kober – Truth

Title:Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting – Acceptance

Title:Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting with Jeff Kober – New Experience of Life

Title:Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting with Jeff Kober – Life Changes

Title:Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting – The Power of Energy: Love Vs. Negativity

Title:Group Meditation and Knowledge Meeting – Commitment

Title:Group Meditation Meeting – Surrender and Acceptance

Title:Group Meditation Meeting – Creativity

Title:Group Meditation Meeting – The Fundamentals

Title:Group Meditation Meeting – How Do You Know When To Act or Wait?

Title:The Broad Place Vedic Knowledge Meeting – Vedic Meditation Refinement and Integrity

Title:The Broad Place Vedic Knowledge Meeting – Leaning Into Fear

Title:The Broad Place Vedic Knowledge Meeting – Dharma and Purpose

Title:Leaning into Fear

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Title:Wonder and Awe

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Title:The Danger Of Having An Opinion

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Title:Winter Within

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As avid readers and meditators here at The Broad Place, we know how transformational both these things are. We call it the 4% Rule. Where we invest 2x 20 minute meditations and 1x 15 minute inspirational reading into our day to enhance the other 96%. If you read for 15 minutes a day, you could read between 1-2 books a month, which is 12-24 books a year!

We have a huge reading list which you can check out in our IaM Vault if you want to really dive in. However, we know from extensive conversations with students, discussions around the book can really enhance understanding, experience and the motivation to read!

So we have launched The Broad Place Book Club!

At the moment we are hosting it online, with a forum style environment for people to share thoughts and ideas. We might extend this into a once a month online call, we’ll see how the response is.

Below you'll find each months book and a discussion thread to comment and post your thoughts and experiences as you read. You'll also be joining a discussion with The Broad Place community, a wide range of individuals all interested in deepening their personal experience of life!<

We look forward to hearing from you.

Book 2 – The Five Invitations

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Book 1 – The Untethered Soul

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Reading List

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Title:Ubud ,Indonesia

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