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Jeff Kober and The Broad Place Workshop

Join Jeff Kober and Jacqui Lewis for a Workshop integrating philosophy, ancient wisdom and modern tools and techniques to live your best life. Six months in planning the highest grade content has been invested by Jeff and Jac, and behind it decades of study, practice and teaching. This Workshop will see Jeff bring these key topics and concepts to life, and they will be shortly punctuated with interactive elements by Jac to ensure that these ideas are then integrated into modern life on completion of the workshop. Many tools and techniques will sit alongside the wisdom, for assisting long lasting change.

Two Day Workshop

This Workshop will be hosted in both Sydney and in Los Angeles in the first half of 2018. 

Los Angeles 7th + 8th April
Sydney, Eastern Suburbs 19th + 20th May

The exact locations are TBC.

Spanning two huge days, topics will include

– understanding the ego
– our individual life purpose
– happiness
– self-destruction and staying small
– values and goals
– creativity as a path to higher consciousness
– contraction vs expansion
– our personal commitment

Some of the lectures will include for example…
Example 1 for Saturday
Jeff Talk; Self Destruction and Staying Small 
Why does the ego keep us tiny, and protected and what to do about it
Jac Exercise; The Voices In Our Head 
Understanding our higher voice and our ego voice
Example 2 for Saturday
Jeff Talk; Dharma and Purpose
Why are we here, what’s our role and how can we fulfil it
Jac Exercise; Values and Goals 
Example 3 for Sunday 
Jeff Talk; Contraction vs Expansion 
Understanding flow states and emotional, physical and conscious expansion 
Jac Exercise; Breath work exercise and Group Meditation 
Example 4 for Sunday 
Jeff talk; – Creativity As A Path To Higher Consciousness
Creativity not just an artistic pursuit, but a daily embodiment of living in alignment    
Jac Exercise; Creative Living Exercise 
Tools to live in alignment and more joyfully

The daily structure will be a bumper day of 9am – 6pm consisting of lectures and talks, implementing tools within workshops and group meditations. We will have a 1.5 hour lunch break in the middle of the day to eat and coffee breaks for you to gather your thoughts and chat and socialise.

This workshop is open to all. A daily practice of Vedic meditation will enhance this knowledge and your experience but it is not a prerequisite. If you wish to learn with Jeff in LA prior please click HERE or in Sydney with The Broad Place, please click HERE

Investment AUD $990 for the whole weekend  – Click HERE to BOOK for Sydney

Investment USD $800 for the whole weekend  Click HERE to BOOK for L.A

We look forward to sharing this with you soon! Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact

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