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L E T T E R – Creating Space For Creativity

I don’t mean physical space here. But emotional space. Conscious space. Creative space. Working stuff out space. A sacred space we enter daily, where we are human beings not just human doings.
Meditation is this. But in all honesty, the way the world is spinning at warp speed we need more. We need to give up the excuses and start cultivating it. We need to demand it. We need to stop overcrowding our minds.
And social media is a big part of this. Why not today edit out ruthlessly any social media that doesn’t inspire you as a platform. And then anyone within the platforms you keep that doesn’t light you up in a major way can be edited too. And with it all the thoughts about ‘but what will this person think if I unfollow them’. What they think is none of your business. Your business is what you reserve for creativity and inspiration. So take care of it.
Sent with love,
Jac x

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