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L E T T E R from Jac – From The Archives

I am moving through over 1000 Letters and hand choosing which ones make it to the Letters Edition 1 collection that we are soon to self publish. It’s been a behemoth task, one I certainly underestimated. Within them, I found this little gem, and I wanted to share it with you again, in case you needed some actions to uptake right now, mid way through 2020.

A little list of things I would recommend if you’re stuck making choices at the moment. 

1. Commit to a meditation practice. It doesn’t have to be the ones we teach although I personally teach them as after 20 years meditating I have found them to be the most expansive, effective and simplest to fit into modern life. We teach Integrated Meditation in person and online. Regardless, just start anywhere but do it every, single, day.

2. Practice gratitude every day. Even if it is two minutes as you go to sleep. Ideally, visiting things you are grateful for as often as you remember to is even better. Make it a part of your experience of the world.

3. Have compassion. Remember everyone is suffering in their life to some degree, about something you know nothing about. If we can hold this close, we can choose compassion more simply.

4. Set boundaries. Not weird selfish-dogmatic-self development-faux-spiritual ones that are ‘boundaries’ but are really you just doing whatever you please with a veil of ‘self-care’ language. I mean authentic boundaries that involve you being honest with yourself and allowing others to be honest with you too.

5. Be of service. Volunteer anywhere. Give your money to the homeless without judging them. Teach. Share. Donate to charities that mean something to you. And do it without having to leverage your doing it to everyone around you.

6. Love more. Ask yourself, to what capacity can I love this person more? What might it look like? What might it feel like? What am I resisting?

7. Alchemise the moment. One of my favs from my friend Jen; when someone you love annoys or pisses you off, think of something you can appreciate about them immediately. This very simple habit has transformed so many of my close relationships.

8. Study. Learn, get curious, go back to the start, and move beyond the mind that created where you are now. Study daily, even if for 10 minutes. Find brilliant teachers who can guide you, and run from anyone that tells you their way is the only way, the higher way or the fastest way.

9. Surround yourself with ‘your people’. Inspiring, creative, authentic people with a moral compass and integrity. Learn from them, share with them, expand together.

10. Have integrity. Move from your moral compass, have a deep alignment with your values and if any situation is asking of you to forgo your morals and therefore move out of integrity, no matter how convincing, resist. Especially when it comes to spirituality. There is no one way, there is only your way. We won’t always get it right, but we can always look back and know we did the right thing regardless.

The world needs people like you, doing the above and bringing the best of you to it.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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