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L E T T E R from Jac – Internal and External Rhythms

Something I discussed at the London Integrated Meditation Meeting last week, which seemed to really strike a chord, was internal and external rhythms. When taken into deeper consideration, it’s very powerful. Each of us has a natural internal rhythm that we work best to when we align to it. And our internal rhythm is frequently distrusted by the rhythms around us, the external environmental ones, and the rhythms of the people that we are surrounding ourselves with.

If you are feeling calm for example, grounded, woke on time and arrived early at work, yet your colleague overslept and is tired and rushing frantically, it’s challenging to stay grounded and not get caught in their frenzy. We too quickly, if ungrounded, can get caught in the whirlpool of energy not true to us.

Meditation is the most remarkable practice to create an internal space, like a well of water, that can be accessed when needed whilst in the world. Second to this is cognitive awareness. Working out what our best rhythms are (I am an early morning worker, Arran is better later in the afternoons) and like seasons, attuning to them, can help us be far more creative, inflow and energised. When we honour our personal rhythms, life is more harmonious and can be appreciated on a deeper level.

If you are an Integrated Meditation Student, the 45-minute talk referenced above is in our private Integrated Meditation Facebook Group for you to access and listen to.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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