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L E T T E R from Jac – Remember To Breathe

Breathing, a life-force which we so often forget about. Unconsciously, we move through our days with around 20,000 breaths. How many go unnoticed?

When we are stressed our breathing gets raggedy, thin, tight. So slowing down our breathing, consciously breathing from our lower abdomen, relaxing our shoulders, can reverse this. The same way our body gets stressed and our breathing tight, we can slow our breathing to relax our body. 

I wanted to begin the week with this note, and if you truly take it upon yourself to be more aware of your breath, the quality of it and how it serves you, it will shift your stress and anxiety in return. 

Also, if you are an Integrated/Vedic/Transcendental meditator definitely try Rounding – a sequence of yoga asanas, breathwork, meditation, and rest that really shifts stress and anxiety from the body and brings your awareness deep within. If you’re a student of ours remember we have gifted you Rounding as a tutorial within the IaM Vault in The Classroom. If you want to learn Rounding you can also enrol in The Classroom too and watch the video tutorial and download the sheets that explain all the postures for future use.

With love,

Jac x

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