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L E T T E R from Jac – Simplicity of The Heart

Krishnamurti speaks, ‘Simplicity of the heart is of far greater importance and significance than simplicity of possessions. To renounce comfort, or to give up smoking and other habits, does not indicate simplicity of the heart. The put on a loin cloth in a world that is taken up with clothes, comforts and distractions, does not indicate a free being…you measure the progress of your achievement according to the standards of virtue; how you have given up this or that, how controlled you are in your behaviour, how tolerant and kind you are, and so on and so on…but is reality reached through outer controls and sanctions? Though outward simplicity, the putting aside of comfort, is obviously necessary, will this gesture open the door to reality? Why are we so eagerly determined to give an outward expression of our intention? Is it the fear of self deception, or of what another might say? Why do we wish to convince ourselves of our integrity? ..Reality is not to be reached through detachment; it is unattainable through any means. All means ands ends are a form of attachment, and they must cease for the being of reality”. 

This passage really stuck with me. It is a questioning of what we put out into the world, no matter what our intention. It’s a call to ask, is what I am believing truth and reality, or a version of it crafted for myself or that has been crafted for me? It’s about renouncing what, for what purpose. It’s about asking, am I putting this out there to craft a version of myself I wish the world to believe? Or am I truly, truly putting my efforts into not having to make anyone believe anything about me, but living in as much integrity as I can? Wound’t that be a far simpler way in which to live…

Sent with love,

Jac x

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