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L E T T E R from Jac – Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Years back, I had to really ask myself why the less important things and people in my life are getting so much attention. The things, the events, and the people that I adored were often getting second polling in place of that which was louder, more agro or demanding. I was, unintentionally, rewarding bad behaviour especially from people. The friend that would be angry if I canceled, I would stick with catching up, over the friend that would understand if I was exhausted and just couldn’t make it for example. Today, I am far more careful with myself, my energy and my attention.

We need to be careful with our attention, and when we do something with our attention, be completely present. As the saying goes… where attention goes, energy flows. We grow in our lives what we place our attention on. Additionally, if we are fractured in our attention, not fully present, then we are not fully alive. In Zen teachings, it is taught to be utterly present for everything, even the more menial tasks. To not place more attention on say calligraphy, than on washing a rice bowl.

I know this can feel like a mixed message, as you might prefer a task to another. However, if we distill this, in essence what we want to embrace is; being attentive to what we invite into our lives through what we say yes, and what we say no to. And then for whatever thing we do, be there completely and utterly for it.

Written with love,

Jac x

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