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L E T T E R from Jac – Your Doctor Called And Asked Me To Share This With You…

Let’s get really clear on what 2020 is going to be for you. What will you introduce, what will you edit out? What will you commit to, truly commit to, even when you don’t feel in the mood, because overall you know it serves you? What are you going to pause?

Our amazing High Vibe Challenge begins 15th Jan 2020 and is the perfect guide for you to understand yourself and have accountability for a whole two weeks so that you can then move forward with wisdom about your own patterns and behaviours as well as valuable tools to step forward into the year with, after a HUGE reset!

This Challenge is very detailed and elevated and includes:

  • Multiple instructional videos and modules from Jac Lewis including ‘What To Commit to on the Challenge’ (including things like twice-daily meditation, a micro retreat, and gratitude exercises) and ‘What To Pause’ (things we won’t be doing on the Challenge, like gossip and drinking alcohol)
  • Contributing videos with knowledge, tools, and tips from Vashti Whitfield, Emmalea Russo, Kate Pascoe Squires, Jason Grant, Rachel Crethar and Amy Crawford
  • A huge Manual over 25 pages in length, documenting the foundations of the Challenge, keynotes and how to Customise Your Challenge
  • How To Create Your Micro Retreat, from a few hours to an entire day just to yourself
  • Daily Worksheets to print out and fill out for guidance, accountability, and deeper learning
  • Two Guided Meditations and an Initial Journaling Exercise on Setting Intentions
  • Access if you wish, to our Private High Vibe Challenge Facebook Group
  • You will receive a HUGE 30% discount to learn Integrated Meditation in person with either Jac, Emily or Jo around the world redeemable within the next 24 months, which is a saving of $360AUD when purchased in full in any date in January 2020
  • You will receive a 30% discount to engage with Enhance, our signature online meditation and education journey to expand your creativity, clarity, and consciousness, which is a savings of $105AUD when purchased in full in any date in January 2020

There are additional offers from our contributors that you will receive after enrolling too! It’s in essence, insane value!

Can’t wait to have a part of it!

Jac x

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