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L E T T E R from Jo – Living Through Creative Values

I have been exploring recently the way creativity in its broadest sense, beyond simply artistic talents, can offer a blueprint for living our best lives. It is always important to start with a solid foundation, a beacon that guides our actions, decisions and ways of being – these are our Values.

I’d like to offer up five Creative Values that are important to live not just a creative life but a rich and juicy one too… These are for your consideration, you may feel resonance for any one of them or you may see it as offering you a perspective to reaffirm the values you are living by today.

As with all values, defining what they mean to you makes them personal, motivating and memorable – where you see alignment to the life you want to live, the person you want to be.

I have expanded slightly on each one with clues to give them some life…

Being open to new ideas, perspectives, ways of being and doing will bring freshness and diversity, allowing expansion in understanding of the layered and varied world we live in.

I always think of the concept of Beginners Mind – parking assumptions and over familiarity to seek to understand as though for the first time. Furthermore, being curious with the unknown or the new sets up a place of wonder and possibilities, allowing for forward movement and confidence.

Showing up, speaking up, taking risks to do what is right and good for you and others. Honouring your intuition, choosing what’s best for you even when it feels hard to do, pushing past limitations and revealing true potential.

Compassionate, giving, sharing, abundant, kindness and warmth – making a positive impact. Give the benefit of the doubt, hold judgment – caring and thoughtful. About people or ideas.

Not hiding, not defending, exposing emotionally, honesty. Opening up and sharing our true selves. When we take risks that reveal more of who we really are, creating trust and deepening connections.

Keep coming back to your own values, let them be the sound track to your days, setting the tone, the mood, the ambience of your well lived life.

Lots of Love,

Jo x

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