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L E T T E R from Jo – Me, Myself and I

Comparison is indeed the thief of joy. When we start to compare we are under the illusion that it’s a like for like scenario and we extend an invite to the least helpful word in the dictionary “should”. Which is when we know we’re in trouble.

I want to be inspired, expanded and motivated but I do not want my joy stolen. When we overestimate or put too much worth on to what someone else is doing or having in any given moment, we are minimising ourselves and in an odd way, we are not truly seeing the other person either. So, in negotiation circles, this is what you would call a lose, lose.

Focusing on being the best version of me is what is best for me and also best for you. I love having role models, mentors, people in and around my life that can show me different ways of doing, being and having. It’s good for me. It expands the possibilities and opens up my potential. This is needed to help us all evolve. A great example of this is when one runner finally cracked the one-minute mile after years of athletes trying, a flood of athletes followed. That runner made the goal real and achievable and this helped to expand the other athletes to believe it could be done.

Sure I will experience moments of envy, of wistful wanting when I see others achieving and succeeding where I’d love to be playing it doesn’t mean I have to write a story in my head about it.

Whilst potentially overused there is truth in the sayings, you do you and stay in your lane (note: tone of voice is important here *insert friendly emoji*). Seeking encouragement and inspiration from those around me to support, guide and open up my world gives me the strongest platform from which to grow and evolve and make the biggest contribution to the world.


Jo x

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