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L E T T E R from Jo – The Advantage in the Reality of What Is

I was in a situation recently where someone didn’t like what was being shared and even though there was compelling data and difficult-to-dispute facts they quite emphatically rejected the reality of the situation. In the end, we created a mini industry of work and energy around their way of the world and then re-sharing the way it actually was. Eventually, acceptance was begrudgingly given. By this point, I’d forgotten what we were meant to be doing in the first place and my enthusiasm for the next project had to be quickly resuscitated …

Rejecting something outright doesn’t make it any less true but the amount of energy, physical and emotional labour that goes in to the circus of any cover up job is exhausting. We all know it’s going to unravel at some point down the track – the truth will ultimately prevail…

There is a saying about just starting with the truth because you’re going to end up there eventually anyway and it saves on time, effort and has an impact on our mindset. 

By starting with the truth, owning the reality and showing up to what is actually going on, focuses us – okay, this is happening – so, now what? With our energy in tact we can now determine what we’d like to do about it, we can do nothing or we can do something.

Once acceptance is given there can be complete joy in just letting it be, doing nothing the effort of acceptance is enough.

My heart, though, usually tingles at the possibilities of what something entails… creativity, innovation, fresh eyes, new ways – the potential shimmers in to reach. This doesn’t have to be grand gestures of Creativity (with a capital C), small pockets of wonder and excitement are enough. Now is the chance to experience your own silver lining. Turning to your values and your legacy (the imprint you want to leave behind in each moment) can give you clues eg: what would generosity look like? How can I use my integrity? Be of Service? Bring in some humour? Use Courage? Take a Risk? Whatever your energy-givers are, applying them to the situation and seeing what unfolds can be magical.

Extra love,

Jo x

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