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L E T T E R – KINDNESS Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

This week, let’s together place our awareness and our attention on Kindness. We can amplify kindness in the world if we do this together.

Things to look into this week;
Where am I quick to judge instead of showing generosity and kindness?
Can I hold in my heart the truth that I have no idea what’s really happening for anyone, and extend kindness to them?
Am I treating myself unkindly in any way, and can I be more gentle and kind to myself in that area?

No one is perfectly kind in every area of their life. Find an area previously untouched by kindness; Is it the way you communicate at work, what you eat, how you speak to yourself internally, treat a member of your family? Explore kindness in this specific area.

Intentions I have started doing with you all weekly. I hope you’re enjoying them as I really wanted to collectively set an intention and discover what it means to each of us. Meditation is a path to self-discovery, and with Integrated Meditation, we aim to combine a daily meditation practice with education and inspiration to be our highest grade selves. I hope these Intentions serve as moments to gather yourself. I suggest every week journaling your findings and allowing yourself to saturate in the moments where your intentions were fully realised, and also to gently learn from the moments you lost the path.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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