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L E T T E R – Knowing Our True Nature

Sometimes people think spirituality is all mung beans and hand holding and unicorns. Sometimes people think spirituality is a word representing India and the 1960’s. When I say it in a corporate boardroom, I can feel if not see the eye rolling or a ripple of tension. That is until I explain that spirituality is simply self realisation, and to know oneself. And particularly in a boardroom, it is needed. As individuals, if we don’t understand ourselves, and are constantly bewildered, anxious and defensive, creativity and innovation and resilience aren’t ours. To know oneself means interacting with the rest of the world isn’t as challenging, and exhausting. In fact, it’s fascinating.

Self realisation is to know our true nature. We don’t have to follow religion to undertake this, but we can. We don’t even have to be a part of a spiritual group, but we can. You can also undertake spirituality in any way you like. For me, it means finding one’s true nature and to explore that and bring it to the world. And that means all of one’s true nature. Even the yucky bits. The bits we are ashamed of and feel angered and disgusted by. Because to know one’s true nature is to accept our humanity, and all of that is simply part of humanity. Love is full acceptance. And to love ourselves, fully acceptance takes place. And to accept, we must first know what we are accepting.

Sent with love, 

Jac x

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