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L E T T E R – Revelling in Beauty

Beauty can be so underrated in our modern way of life. Tiny moments of beauty can light me up for hours at a time. A new branch that is spreading tiny flowers near our front gate. The way dust catches the light in the afternoon sun. Light really in all it’s forms dancing on windowsills and leaves, items within our house or it glancing on the windshield as I am stuck in traffic. Tiny dog foot prints embedded in wet sand as we walk the beach. A smile from the beaming face of a stranger. A beautifully poured coffee.

Little things that light us up have such value when we are rushing or pushing too hard. Appreciating the beauty in every moment we possibly can, is a balm to a burnout. I used to worry that appreciating beauty was frivolous and there was more ‘important work’ to be done in the world. But the more in flow I feel with life, the more I feel that beauty is imperative. So wear your ‘best clothes’ every day. Bring out the ‘good plates and glassware’ on weeknights for no reason at all. Light those candles. Have fresh cut flowers. Take that after dinner stroll to look at the sky. Buy that beautiful interiors book that inspires you. Wander through nature and breath in all the goodness. And take as many moments as you can to revel in the beauty of life that is around us.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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