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L E T T E R – Say No, Immediately

There is a downside to living a full and abundant life. I mean at first you’re like, seriously, could there be one? Well there is, and it’s that too much can come your way. Being an enthusiast and an overexcited person in general saying no was never my strength. Add in being a people pleaser and it’s a recipe for disaster and burnout. 

When I got really clear on how I wanted life to go, it then went that way. I said no to getting burnt out and said yes to creativity, a conscious work life, beautiful people in my life and space and time to develop myself. Then all that happened and a lot of it. All of a sudden I was back at the beginning but it was hard to identify as everything was fun and felt so fun. I would question ‘what the hell is my problem??’ and ‘why am I feeling singed again?’.

And I hear this same story too often. Students begin their Integrated Meditation practice and can’t believe how quickly their lives transform from sitting down 10-20 minutes twice a day. Then their life starts shifting and they begin to make more empowered decisions. All the amazing things they yearned for start to fall into place. And they recover from the past stress and tension. Then weirdly, life begins to get TOO abundant.  It’s kind of hilarious, but it’s not when you’re in the thick of it. 

A universal rule is a universal rule, even if it’s all the good feels. We have to say no to all the things that don’t align. We have to check in as we up-level ourselves and our lives and continue to refine as we go. We must proactively participate in the process and sequence that is namely our life, no matter how shitty or brilliant it feels. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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