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L E T T E R – The Chasing of Perfection

When Emily or I teach Integrated Meditation, we both drill into our students to not chase perfection. You will never have a perfect meditation practice. Nor will you be a perfect human being.

We practice Integrated Meditation as it aligns us more with nature, and our most natural selves. This is why students love it so dearly, as the confidence and calm that comes from their daily practice, is really just the true essence of who they are. They just get to come in contact with that.

Alignment with nature is so important to me. Nature is my religion. I look to it always as a source of inspiration and to see where themes are being played out and how I can accept, or align with them. We don’t see a squirrel looking at another jealous of its bushy tail, they’re just getting on squirreling. We don’t see trees fretting about their leaves falling, wringing their branches in angst, wondering if the leaves will ever grow back. They just trust. I have a million examples of things like this that keep me in flow. I hope you’ll create some for yourself too.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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