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L E T T E R – To Be Breath Taken

I’m clearly having an emotional week as represented in all the Letters! I feel so positive and taken with the beauty of life I am gobsmacked. Inspired and in the creative flow. And it’s a gift that is lighting up my days.

Because two weeks ago I felt flat and overwhelmed with all I had to do. I was seeing anxiety creep in. Doubt, and I’m not good enough thinking, and seeing the negative in almost everything instead of reality, let alone the positive!

And thanks to the ‘physics of emotions’, when you’re down you eventually have no other direction to go in except to come up!! (Caveat; I made physics of emotions up I have very little idea about physics expect that stuff goes up and down, but you get the gist).

And the things that get me out of that flat, boring shameful state, in case you’re in it now, are the following…

– reducing focusing on all the doing, and placing attention and intention into the being. What do you want to experience, because, surprise! you get to choose. I chose a week ago to refocus on being creative, inflow, grateful and light. I kept placing my attention on these qualities in all I did. Then it just takes hold. I believe we ultimately want to be light and joyful, we just forget we get to go in that direction a lot of the time.

– get super clear on your values. I get realigned with what is is I want to embody, daily.

– get really physical; I walk the beach or I do karate, I go bushwalking, I sweat it out at home and kick a boxing bag. Anything to get out of my head and disturb my physical body and metabolism which in turn disrupts my emotional metabolism.

– I meditate like it’s a religion, with discipline and a fanatical devotion to my practice. It becomes an absolutely bigger rock in my day than normal. I dedicate more time to it (always in the face of some story of not having enough time, of course ironically).

– I make sure I have a laugh, and this might involve sending really amazingly stupid videos of a cat on a xylophone banging out a mobile ringtone to certain friends that I know that will find it as hilarious so we can all laugh together. (Thank you Emma!! And if you haven’t seen it, here it is).

– I plan something REALLY fun that has to happen in the next few months. A party, a night out, going out dancing (whatever lights your fun fire) because I know when I am not having fun, I am no fun. Simple math.

And, usually in amongst all of this, my breath is taken away by the beauty of life. The gift being able to get really physical and in my body and what it presents. The breeze on my face in the biting cold morning as we walk the dogs. The lighting of a fire. Pissing myself laughing so hard I have to call my friend to laugh literally with them. I will have an awe-inspiring meditation. And it doesn’t happen in 10 minutes, but my mood will lift, and I will see the incredible synchronisation of it all, the need for the flat bits and the delight in the breath taken away bits.

I hope all of these help you. ­If you too, need to be shaken like a little snowdome out of a funk.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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