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L E T T E R – TRUTH Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

This is going to be a gritty one! Once we realise how many lies we tell ourselves, let alone others, it’s like a Pandora’s box! First of all, if we were all utterly grounded in reality and not living through our views, opinions, prejudices and biases, we would always be grounded in truth. But the reality is every human is carrying around a bunch of stuff in the mind that is colouring our perceptions and interactions at every moment.

So this week lets begin with; how can I be more honest with myself, and stop hiding and protecting my ego at every turn.

Then we can move into how can I be more truthful with others. Maharishi always said it was imperative to speak truth, sweetly. That means not to spirituality bypass in some disillusioned, let’s not be negative nonsense. That means to be honest, in the kindest way possible.

Let’s all try to wire this in this week, and for our more expanded futures!

Sent with love,

Jac x

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