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L E T T E R – We Are All Judgemental Assholes

We can’t help it a lot of the time. It’s automatic. Our egos are constantly sizing everything up against that which we have experienced in the past. It never involves what could be, might be or anything to do with potential. It’s all based in prejudices and biases, many we aren’t even aware of. And the judgements come thick and fast. ‘My people’ and ‘not my people’. Look at anything; politics, family, social circles, workplaces, and everyone is constantly sizing everyone up against what they feel comfortable with to date. And anyone not on the same page, our mind is filled with thoughts about that person. Because we really are all judgemental assholes so much of the time. It’s running like a constant loop in our heads.

Honestly, anyone supporting Brett Kavanaugh right now I could personally throttle, so through my judgements, I have instantly identified them as ‘not my people’. Which is unfair and dangerous. Instantly, a net is thrown over an entire group of people when we do this and with this net, judgments are entangled. Attention needs to be placed on this inner rage of mine because it’s not just ‘Brett Kananaugh’ and ‘his supporters’ is it. But it becomes an easy target for my projections.

In this currently heated time in the world, it’s important that we are aware of when we are doing this. Because hating and judging not only means we have no love for them, but we erode the love we have for ourselves and for the people in our lives. We can ask of ourselves, where am I judging and how can I find compassion this moment? Where have I preconceived ideas and biases that are blocking me from the experience of consciousness? Everyone is seeking happiness in ways that might seem at odds with ours and judging them for it, is of no help at all.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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