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L E T T E R – What’s Really Stopping Us

I get this kind of question/pondering all the time, along the lines of…‘So I really really feel that meditation would be great for me, but I also have this nagging voice that says, you won’t end up doing it/it’s so expensive/what if you’re the one person Integrated Meditation doesn’t work for/what if it’s a waste of time.. but in my heart, I really long to learn and practice, so what should I do???’.

Now you can take out the word ‘meditation’ and insert anything here really that your heart calls for. My answer is always something like this;

When we are about to embark on something that we know deep down will serve us and fulfil our hearts, the ego has a meltdown. It will kick up the biggest fuss, screeching inside about why this is a terrible idea. The ego doesn’t want us fulfilled and evolving, it wants us at our worst. I use this as a signal that this is actually likely a very wise decision indeed and usually always proceed with it. Turning down the volume on my ego is something I am always interested in doing. If it’s yelling and distracting me I wonder what it’s hiding me from. Now, this is different to deep intuition or a strong gut feeling. You must already know the ego sequence – first comes excitement and heart pounding or genuine curiosity and a feeling of wonder. Then the ego circus and overthinking starts. The talking ourselves out of it.

Now whether or not you learn meditation or embark on anything, is something I can’t actually answer if it’s right for you. But if you recognise this storyline and can be brave enough to move past the ego, you’ll always be rewarded.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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