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L E T T E R – Where is That Somewhere?

‘Something, somewhere incredible is waiting to be known’; where is that somewhere? Inside of you. Every external experience we define as ‘true’ is a trigger of that truth within us, it’s that which we already know. It’s not ‘new’ information. I’ve had a few recent conversations this past week, with people who have gotten themselves (slowly, it’s never fast, it’s like a frog being cooked in water, unaware it’s getting hotter) into sticky situations with ‘Guru’s’ so I wanted to share some thoughts. When something is popping up more than a few times, I always think its a sign.
Now to start, we say a lovely little term, ‘Jai Guru Dev’ at the end of group meditation sessions with students, and the meaning behind it has many layers to it. Jai means with reverence to. And Guru, contrary to popular Western belief means ‘remover of shadow’ which is a revealing of the light before it means ‘a person’. The light being love, and knowledge and truth, the stuff sometimes blocked by the shadowy parts of us or that which is in the dark and not yet revealed. This can come from a person sure, or for me, it can be ANY experience that allows us to expand big enough to bring in more of the evolutionary, expansive bits. Sometimes it might be a moment in time, a shared experience, a conversation, something that triggers truth and expanded consciousness. The key part of it is that the experience is lighting up us from the inside out, it’s allowing that which we already know to feel so right, to be revealed to us. So when I say Jai Guru Dev, I am really expressing gratitude for the hundreds of experiences we get to have to know the truth of ourselves.
Have you noticed though that these days everyone is a guru? ‘That’s my green juice guru’ and ‘they’re my tech guru’ are thrown around all the time. Which is fine, it’s kind of a cute way of saying ‘they know stuff, particular stuff and I like it’. All innocent and playful. 
Where I personally do NOT like the term Guru is when it’s used in hierarchical ways, and within spirituality this is rife. I had a young meditation teacher once tell me I ‘needed to embrace my guru-ness’ as a meditation teacher. This person wasn’t even 30 yet and felt themselves a guru, and I felt physically nauseous at the idea. The concept that anyone self-appoints themselves a guru, is simply put gross. And anyone that lords over their students and insists that they be nominated a guru – so needy. The whole concept that an individual (always) ‘up there’ holding all the light, and if you’re lucky they’ll shine it down on you, is a trap. And more often than not sadly this trap is used for the ‘Guru’ to abuse their power for financial and/or sexual gain. And I think this is bullshit. 
So, for anyone struggling with a Guru issue at the moment, the fact that there is struggle says that individual is not for you. If you’re having an ethical crisis over certain actions, or segregating someone’s behaviour or rationalising it to defend to yourself or others that they are of a high state of consciousness and therefore your worthy teacher, give up the argument and move on. If you are interested in integrity and authenticity, you shouldn’t be having ethical and moral crisis about someone, they should be aligned in every way, if you want to appoint them your spiritual Guru. I have had a few Guru’s in my time, I thought it was special and made me more ‘spiritual’. Turned out they were just regular people, with lots of knowledge and charisma, doing some pretty shady stuff behind the scenes, and sometimes less behind the scenes. 
But it takes awhile for us to get empowered around this stuff. Remember that everyone is a reflection of the truth in YOU. They don’t own it, it’s not theirs, it’s yours. It’s unreal to have people to help us on this path, but they are really just showing us the incredible-ness that is inside of you already. 
Sent with love,
Jac x

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