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Letter from Jac – 2021, An Uncertain Start


Hello there,

After much mulling about, I’m still unsure of the best path forward with the Letters. Do we do daily? Weekly? A few times a week? Keep it spontaneous? Do we continue to offer them for free? Or do we move to a deeper subscription based model that I have been toying with that involves some audio recordings and interactive elements…I still don’t know. But I know that keeping the space alive, and asking the Universe for some signs can only be a good thing.

Last year we launched our podcast series, our book on High Grade Living, our Letters Edition One book, we hosted The DOJO monthly, I taught students all over the world, we brought all our shipping and packing in-house, we moved countries, survived a pandemic, lost two doggies, adopted a new old rescue dog, and shifted the entire way in which we worked with The Broad Place. It was a year of trauma, grief, horror, joy, gratitude and unbounded love all smashed together into a hedonistic ride. My little family was rocked in ways we didn’t foresee, and the aftershocks continued for quite some time.

So what has been occupying my time just recently, has been deep relaxation and a very committed meditation practice and a hell of a lot of fun. As 2020 sort of spat me out, I decided to take a chunk of time off, that was 5 weeks and sort of became 6-7 weeks with small pockets of teaching in there. It gave me an enormous sense of peace, and clarity and commitment to what I am creating. This year will be a slower pace, a year of more surrender, letting my mind let go of it’s planing and control and expectations, in order to see what the universe has in store for me, and how I can be of service rather than a year of ‘making it happen’. Weirdly for me, like I’m sure for a lot of you, I have no plans. For the first time in a long time, a whole year is open and I can’t travel, or dash about, and cannot really plan that far in advance for anything in person, and have to just trust the present moment will present what’s next at that exact moment it needs to. What a truly valuable gift this is!

This doesn’t mean we become utterly inactive, but instead, we become ultra present. What’s happening today, what’s happening here and now, over what’s happening in my imagination 5 months away. So I want to invite you, to start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. Enjoy the wild ride that this life is, and savour every moment of it, rather than wishing something different were happening.

I’ll write again shortly, I just don’t know exactly when!

Jac x

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