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Letter from Jac – Which road will you pick at the fork?

There’s a path of tension, doubt, overwhelm and frenzy you can take with this pandemic. Or a path of creativity and expansion. It demands a lighter touch. It’s uncertain, and there aren’t likely to be as many traveling in that direction. Yes, there will be moments of intense grief and often questioning. But you can flip it into expansive pondering too. 

You can choose to take the road less traveled. The path that means this experience might well be one of the most curious and expansive of your life. Where fear turned into humility, and anger turned into a fire that burned bright inside of you and brought you not to your knees, but into action. 

The truth is there’s a path carved out just for you. Your soul chose it before you came into your body. And so often we are off-piste running around lost. What if you returned to your souls original intention, and began to walk steadily with the flow of your life, instead of running away from, or against it? 

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With love,

Jac x

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