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Mentoring with Jo Simpson

Mentoring with Jo Simpson

$330.00 AUD 1 hour

Available sessions here can be either IN-PERSON (SYDNEY) OR ONLINE. 

We take a very practical approach in our Private Mentoring. Specialising in ancient knowledge and modern living, we employ techniques based off current neuroscience to ensure you have the necessary and most effective tools to navigate life successfully. This approach is shown to fast track and refocus people lives allowing them to experience living in a peak performance flow state with increased clarity. These are not therapy sessions, although much personal growth can stem from the steps you’ll take in your session. 

Jo Simpson has 20+ years corporate, marketing/branding/innovation and leadership background. A recognised expertise in leadership and innovation, and a Vedic Meditation teacher.

Booking in your Private Mentoring with Jo will be a great idea; 

• If you are interested in leadership: forming new teams, going through change, influence and impact, tough conversations, resilience, the art of the reframe;

• If you are interested in innovation: creativity (divergent & convergent) and behaviours that support the flow of creativity;

• If you want to focus on personal power and achieving through others and key behaviours that add value;

AVAILABLE SESSION (All in Sydney times)

• Fridays




Appointment availability is limited so please email us at info@thebroadplace.com.au to discuss any questions you may have and or schedule in your session. 

Online or In-Person

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Available sessions here can be either IN-PERSON (Sydney) OR ONLINE.