$330.00 1 hour

Fast track personal and professional growth and development.

Currently no availability – Sessions coming soon.  


Jacqui Lewis takes a very practical approach to mentoring. Jacqui specialises in ancient knowledge and modern living, she employs techniques based off current neuroscience to ensure you have the necessary and most effective tools to navigate life successfully. This approach is shown to fast track and refocus people lives allowing them to experience living in a peak performance flow state with increased clarity. These are not therapy sessions, although much personal growth can stem from the steps you’ll take in your sessions with Jacqui. 

Overcoming major life changing experiences both personally and professionally, being a powerhouse of creativity, having founded several successful businesses and creating The Broad Place with husband Arran, Jacqui has gained a completely holistic view of people and their obstacles. Through combining both her extensive knowledge of the world of business and her in-depth training as a Vedic Mediation expert she provides space for her wisdom and wealth of knowledge to, almost intuitively, understand exactly what ancient tool her students will benefit from and then make it relatable and practical for their individual needs.

In these sessions Jacqui is able to fully express her unique dream of creating greater consciousness in individuals where they are then well equip to overcome there own personal challenges. During a One on One Mentoring session, you will regain clarity, enhance creativity and expand your thinking to move towards your fullest self potential. We believe these sessions provide a cohesive way to ensure you achieve optimal long lasting results and provide you with the best possible experience on your journey. The frequency of these sessions is based off the individual need and capability of the student, they can be in person or online if unable to make it to the school. Appointment availability is limited so please email us at to discuss any questions you may have and or schedule in your session above.