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Our Teachers

Our team at The Broad Place is committed to providing engaging, dynamic and practical ways of interacting with Ancient Knowledge For Modern High Grade Living. 


Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell

Jacqui Lewis is the powerhouse behind the transformation in so many people’s lives. She specialises in taking a regular, stressed, under the pump person and shifting them through accessible tools and practices so that they become more creative, grounded, healthier and happier. Jacqui takes ancient knowledge and makes it easy to understand and easy to employ in our modern day lives. Departing from an acclaimed Australian creative communications agency she co-founded with her husband, Jacqui brings into The Broad Place an energy and personal understanding of the demands of business, family and being engaged in a high energy world.

She is an educator, facilitator and speaker on clarity and high grade living. Jacqui teaches Vedic Meditation worldwide, executes corporate workshops and speaking, hosts retreats throughout Australia and in India and runs a host of workshops and talks globally that are centred around tools and practices for modern living.

‘I’m a big believer in High Grade Living. I don’t live a life meditating in a cave or forgoing lots of things, and I am not a monk. I am highly-engaged, energised and ambitious. I live in the middle of a busy city, I am a wife, mother, owner of a nutty Jack Russell, employer, business owner and more. I work passionately on things I love and that is teaching people unique and accessible ways in which to live better’.

Completing extensive Knowledge courses with one of the world’s leading Vedic experts and meditation teachers Thom Knoles, Jacqui has gone on to teach as a Master Meditation Teacher through The Broad Place, a multi-faceted brand formed around well-being and better living. Believing in education on every level, Jacqui continues to study and extend her teaching skills year on year.

Arran is a multi disciplinary creative  Co-founder of The Broad Place.

 Arran collaborates with partner Jacqui Lewis on projects merging The Broad Place’s meditation teaching and High Grade Living philosophy.

Creativity has always been the driver behind Arran’s work. Degrees in Fine Arts and Visual Communications led him straight into the creative scenes to work with Coca Cola, BMG Records, Lee Denim and Channel V among other power brands of the 90s. He went on to found fashion brands Marshall Artist and Vanishing Elephant, and launch a Czech produced wormwood Vodka called Babicka Vodka.

After success in fashion and selling Vanishing Elephant & Babika Vodka, Arran focused on creating the strategy and branding agency Folke Army, specialising within the food and beverage industries.

In his role as Creative Director at The Broad Place, Arran designs and develops products following the philosophy of High Grade Living, ensuring every element is ethically sourced and produced.

Emily Snape

Teacher of Meditation

I didn’t know it at the time but my first experience with meditation was driven by a need to overcome years of anxiety and stress that had been building up, layer upon layer. As a child I was wrapped up in unhealthy habits and negativity which followed me through to my highly emotional teens and early 20’s. I was left with a huge hangover from this start to life, overweight, unhappy and stressed. I always felt deeply that I wanted to work in an industry that was designed to help and support people, in hindsight, this was probably more to help myself. I did my degree in nursing and was training in paediatrics. I was working long, random hours in one of Sydney’s children’s hospitals engaging in coping strategies that were totally unsustainable. What ever stimulant that would tie me over would do.

Through my work I experienced anything from beginning to end of life care. I started to see something missing. I loved the concept for ‘primary healthcare’, this basically means work on the factors that cause illness to stop it from ever occurring rather than waiting for it to take over and then treat it. I undertook massive amounts of study to look at what this really meant, what is actually causing such huge rise in illness and a general decrease in wellbeing. We like to point the finger of blame on various external factors, eliminating this or that, adding in something else, yet across the board there was a common theme, stress. We all know stress is damaging, and you can read more about the mechanics of stress HERE, essentially, too much stress in the system leads to illness on physical,, emotional and spiritual levels. When one of these areas is effected, we very quickly start to experience a lack of fulfilment and our days have a slightly grey hue. Unfortunately, no matter how many of these external things we move around and edit out, what we really are in need of is a way to be comfortable in our internal world.

Really, the root cause of most suffering is deeply ingrained beliefs and behaviours which present as illness in its many forms. I had a desire that wouldn’t go away, to really help people live healthy, happy lives. 

I realised this wasn’t going to happen for me where I was, and that in order for me to have any idea how to do that, I would need to start with myself. With lots of angst and so much uncertainty, I eventually made the decision to take a break from nursing and spend some time stripping back my own behaviours that were keeping me from moving forward.

I found myself listening to guided meditation, attending long days of sitting still and trying really hard to quieten the thoughts, pretending like it was totally comfortable and cool for my, completely inflexible body to sit in some strange posture for hours. I was trying different techniques in short bursts of motivation that would dwindle off when I didn’t feel anything was happening anytime soon. Until I found a style of meditation that totally shifted my world! Creating lasting change, It was transformative and totally changed the way I viewed myself and my place in the world. Not long after learning I noticed confidence and clarity started to grow in me. Over time emotional and physical burdens started to dissipate and I became the most engaged and dynamic I’d ever been. My emotional, physical and spiritual health increased and I felt I was practicing something that was clearly sending me in the direction of my personal best.

I learnt in 2015 and immediately feel in love with the style, honesty, integrity and values of the founders, Jacqui and Arran and what they were dedicated to create with The Broad Place. These aligned perfectly with mine and as I became more involved and curious, diving into as much knowledge as I could, I saw the multitude of people, with various backgrounds, history and reasons for learning, have so much success from learning meditation at The Broad Place. I was continuing to learn about the mind and body, and the science behind how closely these are connected and the influence we can have over both to create wonderful lives for ourself.

Now I’m a qualified teacher of the technique and the eternal student of anything that better equips me to continue peeling back the layers of myself, constantly refining and sharing the learnings. I’m so thrilled to teach others a practice that empowers and inspires them to be their best self.