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The Broad Place Christmas Gift Guide

We have created our ultimate The Broad Place Christmas Gift Guide to help you celebrate the people you love this festive season. This is a guide of things close to our heart, mostly supporting our wonderful friends who create with such integrity and creativity that we love dearly. 

The Food Lover

  1. Our friend Erin who is based in LA, hand makes divine ceramics to complete the perfect table setting through her boutique company EMK Ceramics.

  2. Cade McConnell created the food on our last Byron Bay Retreat, and we adore him to pieces. He not only caters but does cooking classes, sharing his knowledge and experience gained through India and Sri Lanka. Plant based cooking at it’s best, Cade creates everything from scratch!

  3. Ally and Casey are meditation students of The Broad Place and dear friends of ours, and we love their coffee brand Canyon Coffee to bits as much as we do them. Quality beans created with conscious intention. Designed by Fred L’ami who is also the other half of Bodha, this makes the ultimate gift for coffee lovers.

  4. Wonder Valley in truth have lots of cute things to buy, but their limited edition olive oils are perfect for the someone that cooks and wants something exclusive. 

  5. Oh how I love this woman! Holly Davis is the greatest for whole food cooking classes, ferments and more, and her books are also brilliant.
  6. We became obsessed with cooking with terracotta vessels thanks to Cade (see no 2) and Shack Palace Rituals have some mighty fine ones!

The Traveller

  1. Sarah Jane Clarke is one clever bunny, and her new fashion line, handmade in Australia has been created with travel as the central focus. And this hat, I mean!!

  2. Atlantic Byron Bay is where we host our annual Retreats, simply put because it’s the best in Byron and absolute heaven. A night or two here for someone special would be the perfect gift. 

  3. David Prior has created something seriously special here, with his site Prior, a private membership travel club.

  4. Arran and I honestly couldn’t travel as much as we do (4 months this year alone) without our Integrated Meditation practice to offset jetlag and keep us sane. The gift of an Integrated Meditation Course with The Broad Place which your lucky friend or lover will have for life, will be cherished. 

  5. I could (and may well have) buy everything from PostalCo, but their Travel Wallet is an essential. We fit all our currencies in here, passports and bits and pieces, and it’s a Virgo’s dream of travel organisation, and stylish to boot. 

  6. Holiday is a bi-annual magazine is a dreamboat of creative and travel inspiration, a year long subscription would delight absolutely anyone. 

The Scentualist

  1. We adore Perfumer H, and Lyn and Caroline  are the greatest. Lyn’s hand blended creations are stunning, natural and anyone into scent will lose their minds!

  2. Our friend Emily at Bodha hand sources beautiful incense from Japan, and packages it in the most beautiful way, and their little brass ball holders along with a pack of this goodness make the ultimate gift.

  3. Our inspiring friend Kirsten who founded Orchard Street sources only the best, and they are a source of beautiful incense, candles and fragrant sprays.

  4. We love The Staple Store, and this oil burner is simply one of sooo many great gifts. I recently bought the Booby Cup for Arran and he sips his water in it all day long now haha!

  5. Yep, we have featured Perfumer H twice as they also do candles, our favourite being the one they collaborated with our creative friends at Cereal Mag on. 

  6. Bodha again, but those of you that know me know how much I adore Em. Her L.A Woman fragrance created for A Piece Apart is perfection. 

The Stylish Friend

  1. Worn Store was created by Lia and Lotte (who is undertaking teacher training with us), and I have seen first hand the determination and blood sweat and tears these two have poured into Worn Store. A source of beautiful items, hand picked and all with integrity.

  2. Pampa is next door to our mate Jason, and he insisted we visit, where we promptly went broke in about 6 minutes falling in love with every piece that they have. Kim Amos (Atlantic and River Hawk Ranch wears the Pampa bags every day of the week including when paddleboarding and grower market shopping, as do the entire team at Atlantic Byron Bay and durable is an understatement for these hand woven creations. 

  3. General Store is always a favourite stop for us when in Venice Los Angeles, and you could likely do most of your quality shopping online in this one place!

  4. I have been swooning over what Michelle has created with My General Store (wait for it, I’m also going to list Mohawk General Store) since she launched and each collection gets better and better. 

  5. I have been teaching the staff at Lucy Folk to meditate for many years now, and Lucy is endlessly creating fun, playful and beautiful items that delight everyone around me when I wear them, even more so when I gift them.

  6. Huw used to be business partners with Arran for their brand Vanishing Elephant, and when Huw created Work Tones, I loved it from the get-go. He has focussed on hospitality, recently though launching into different items. This all in one is all time.

The Ritual Lover

  1. The Broad Place hand rolled Vedic sandalwood incense is loved by our students around the world, sometimes obsessively! 

  2. Cloud Hidden was created by Sam Gibbs, and the experience of a tea ceremony with him should be enjoyed by all. He also does extensive training and sells the highest grade tea and tea wares, and I am a huge fan.

  3. The Broad Place 20 Minute Timers are frequently used as meditation timers as was intended, but more and more are being used for a multitude of rituals.

  4. Orchard St are always a source of beautiful items to encourage and create daily rituals. 

  5. Global Tea Hut who we are a proud member of retail beautiful tea and tea wares to refine your rituals around tea ceremony. Also see below in The Enthusiasts section.

  6. Shack Palace Rituals is a father daughter collaborative project, and they centre around design and ritual for modern living. It’s like a mecca for us!

The Thirsty Learner

  1. I wrote the Mothers Mind Cleanse not as a guide to conscious parenting per se, but more as a guide to not losing your shit as a mama. We self published this beautiful book locally, and are super proud of the result. The greatest gift to a mother trying to work with motherhood.

  2. Megan Larsen launched Sodashi moons ago, and became a friend and mentor as a long term meditator for me. Her decades of experiences and distilled knowledge are encapsulated in this her book Start Ups and Self Care, and are perfect for anyone juggling work and life. 

  3. Lisa Stephenson is a very inspiring friend of mine and the author of the book Read Me First. You know when people say, I wish there was a guide book to life? Well Lisa wrote it. 

  4. The Broad Place Integrated Meditation Program combine a life long meditation technique with ongoing and support, and there’s a reason 100% of our students say it’s incredible value for money. Gift someone special a technique they can not only do, but they can continue to learn with ongoing and grow as they do.

  5. Amy Crawford was one of our very early meditation students! Funny as heck, Amy is a holistic therapist and a session with her to unblock all the crap loading your mind with biases and prejudices is what she does best. A session with her will gift the gift of clarity to someone in need. 

  6. Learning online is making teachings more and more accessible, and Brea Fisher is one of my Qi-Gong teachers. She teaches honestly and authentically and you can become a student through Patreon for a small monthly fee with access to her giant archive of videos and writings. A years subscription would be an amazing gift for those wishing to find balance and equilibrium

The Enthusiast

  1. For the crystal enthusiast, Rock & Co have short courses and crystals as well as a multitude of crystal related products. Our dear friend and student Rachel has created something really special here, and if you have any crystal lovers in need of a gift, this is your spot.

  2. ENHANCE! The program we created from the ground up for the enthusiast that wants to dive deeply into Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness. This remarkable program features guided meditations, educations, tools and techniques with ongoing access and a community and forum of Enhancers with support from us. 

  3. We first met Lacy many years back when I taught her meditation, and have watched proudly as she has continued to grow her incredible brand Free and Native, helping people globally create the life they ultimately desire. If you have anyone blocked and challenged, a gift of one of Lacy’s tools will put them on the right path. 

  4. Dani Beinstein is also a student of ours, and she’s my go-to for astrology that’s brilliantly delivered due to her honesty and humor. A session with her can be done online, and is a great gift for the friend that is astrology obsessed. 

  5. Laneway Festival is our must go to every year created and curated by our mate Danny Rodgers. Sure it’s filled with music enthusiasts, but also those that trust that Laneway always nails it for the most excellent blend of up and coming and established musicians. Two tickets to this, including yourself and someone else is the gift no one will forget!

  6. Global Tea Hut do a monthly membership with a posted magazine, tea and gift, it’s the gift that keeps giving, arriving promptly each month with a new tea adventure. 

The Design Lover

This section is filled with pieces that are unlikely to be delivered within a few days, but for someone you love that’s happy to wait, they’re beautiful gifts.

  1. Truck Furniture are based in Osaka, and what Tok and Hiromi have created is seriously incredible. You can purchase smaller items on their online store, and big ticket items like furniture have a wait list. It’s worth waiting for. 

  2. Anna Karina creates the most stunning ceramic art pieces, contact her directly to enquire, her curious and wonderful personality comes out in every piece. 

  3. Kelly created Frances Loom to share her love of antique rugs and these one off’s sell like hotcakes so be sure to keep your eye on what she’s stocking and when! 

  4. The gift for yourself. We proudly own a piece by Madi Luschwitz, and you should likely gift yourself one too. Mads creates spectacular pieces and as she’s early into her career these are incredibly affordable, so don’t be a chump and start collecting now. 

  5. Worn Store (see above) have so many stunning designs, from small items to huge furniture pieces, this is the gift that will last. 
  6. Jessica Coates is a ceramic artist we have had our eyes on for some time, her pieces aren’t easy to come by, ever so more the delightful to gift.

The Blow Out Gift

These gifts are suggestions for the ultimate in luxury, indulgence or love. 

  1. Drop a bomb and let Jeannie at Venustus take care of them, in a customised package of luxurious care that they will adore you forever for! 

  2. Anna Wili Highfield was destined to be the remarkable artist she is ever since we were in high school. Yes her pieces have a hefty wait list, yes, they are worth it.

  3. Megan Morton’s Retreats are renowned for their life changing creativity, inspiration and Megan’s beautiful hospitality and inside tour of this magnificent country.
  4. This is slightly obscene to include, but it’s the gift I gave Arran for his 40th birthday, traveling to the Art Islands off Japan, Naoshima and Teshima. You definitely want to stay at Benesse House, and spend a few days. It was a trip we will never ever forget. 

  5. Perfumer H can customise their hand blown perfume bottles with gold lettering. It doesn’t come cheap, but my goodness it is a luxurious gift. 

  6. The final suggestion in our Gift Guide, and one that comes close to our heart – adopt a best friend. Both our dogs are rescues, and yes I only featured Toofy in this picture as he’s the love of my life. This dog has changed my life for the better, and we adopted him aged 12 with no teeth and recovering from horrific neglect. Zero regrets, this little love bug is the greatest gift our family has ever received. Please don’t forget about the older ‘senior’ animals, we got Honey at 6 years old. It’s actually much easier than getting a puppy I guarantee you. Check our local area for adoption places. 

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