W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 16 – The Broad Place

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W E E K E N D E D I T I O N 16

This happens every time I return from a trip, I crave home cooked everything, and if eating out, it has to be nourishing and delicious. So this entire Weekend Edition is dedicated to food and the love of a shared meal, and taking care of our bodies and minds through how, and what we eat. 
I think this is obvious but am always reminded when someone asks me; we are NOT paid to mention any of this or provide links to any of this. The Weekend Editions originally started out years back as an email with fun stuff I was finding and doing and collating to a handful of friends. It grew from there. It was even before The Broad Place started. Then it went on pause, came back to life, turned into the Letters, and then I reintroduced it as the Weekend Edition for The Broad Place. We include all this, and the EPIC amount of work that goes into it, because we are sharers and we love being inspired and creative and we love you feeling the same. That’s our intention. These are the things Arran and I do and love, it’s as simple as that! 
We are hosting a special Gathering next Sunday at our home in Palm Beach, for a group meditation, I’ll talk about learnings from Japan, and we’ll have tea and time to socialise. This event is our gift to all our students, please use your code. For anyone else interested we raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation and 100% of the ticket price goes to restoring eyesight in our indigenous communities. Get your spot HERE.
We are going to begin sharing with you other fascinating friends and what they are reading, enjoying and being inspired by too soon. The image above is from Yakumo Saryo in Tokyo HERE a must visit.
I really think organic is great, but I also think getting stressed about what we eat is not. So I am not rigid unless really unwell and there’s a purpose to how I am eating and healing. Being neurotic about food is totally counterintuitive in my opinion!! So this week place more attention on your intention, your mood and your process than being strung out about getting every little thing right. 
An article I wrote about Mindful Eating might help you HERE.
I am really keen to try this deliciousness HERE
Weekend staple for when you have extra rice from the past meal. We eat rice at breakfast, so this makes a lunch or dinner just perfect HERE
Sandwich inspiration HERE
I REALLY like experimenting with things. I once did this ‘monk in modern life’ program I essentially wrote for myself and did a range of things including sleeping on the floor (literally next to Arran in the bed. He’s never eye rolled more and sighed louder hahaha!). So I found this article and was instantly interested in reading it, and thought you might be too. Check it out HERE.
Emily who teaches with us has not only worked with us for years, she is a very close and much-loved friend and is now part of our family. She and I both research like crazy and try things out before we recommend, so whenever she gets me onto something, I take it very seriously!! I returned and the first thing she said after I commented how fresh her skin looked and how bright her eyes, was ‘heavy metal detox smoothie’. Now she’s the 5th person to recommend this particular drink, and usually, after the 2nd or 3rd I get the hint from the universe, but I’ve been away and you cannot make smoothies on the road! I’m Day 2 so I’ve nothing to report yet, but I trust Em, and she said it’s been a profound detox for her. You can read all about it HERE.
There’s a really great new cafe in Mona Vale, Sydney Australia called Monaka HERE.
I can’t recommend Monk HERE in Kyoto Japan enough. Everything is cooked by Yoshihiro over fire, and we loved the experience deeply. 
He says, “Is it possible to express the beauty and the life of the vegetable; to invoke such feelings as the sunlight, the moisture of the soil, the blowing of the wind? These are the questions I always ask myself when I make my dishes, in hopes that the wind blows in the hearts of those who eat it. I hope by dining with us. It evokes countless memories of the gifts offered to us by mother nature.  And to leave an impression as if you were deep in the forests or in the blue ocean”.
Yoshihiro Imai
I mean, so beautiful!! 
My birthday is coming up and we are heading to Cirrus, in Sydney Australia. Arran did the branding (which I love because it’s quirky) and they are longtime friends of my family and the integrity of what Brent and Nick do I have admired forever. Check them out HERE.
These are some essential things our kitchen at home doesn’t live without.
Quality Japanese rice, namely koshihikari which is one of my favourite varieties. See HERE and HERE.
Jade Rice, a beautiful jade green colour, this rice has been infused with bamboo for extra health benefits and is so easy to digest grab some HERE
Japanese Pickles. Read all about them HERE
I make Gomasio at home and put it on everything, rice, salads, vegetables. We even roll boiled eggs in it and dip cucumber slabs into it. It’s so simple, so tasty, and so easy, there’s really no excuse to not make it, and it’s really good for you. A recipe I found HERE but you can honestly use any they are all the same. 
I am obsessed with this non-dairy milk that our friend Chi-san introduced us too – I am not a fan of non-dairy milk usually, but this one is something else. Check it out HERE.
At home we drink Canyon Coffee buy HERE.
Sent with love,
Jac x