W E E K E N D E D I T I O N – With Jeannie Bourke of Venustus – The Broad Place

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W E E K E N D E D I T I O N – With Jeannie Bourke of Venustus

I love this woman. Jeannie has dedicated her life to healing and nourishing people and she is so authentic and generous and I am so thrilled to be sharing her insights in our latest Weekend Edition. And if you have the opportunity to visit Jeannie and her magnificent team if you’re in Sydney at Venustus, it’s worth it.

“I feel my best self when I am with my family Gary and Zac. They are the true loves of my life, my whole heart belongs to them. Yet I am very independent and have my very own strong opinions. My tribe also includes my core team at Venustus, Fleur, Haruko, and Kayo, who have all done ‘the work’ of getting to the core level of self-reflection; and my support girls Robbie, Lucie, Elle and Veda are called in for when I need to bounce around the hard stuff, they are not afraid to tell me exactly how it is, in their own beautiful way, which is the essence of being truly supported and cared for.

I believe I am here (this journey on earth) to live an ethical life and to help as many people as I can, in my own way by sharing everything I known and everything I have found on my journey.

I began seeing healers from the age of 18 and as a result, it has been an incredible life. I have had as many challenges as most people and at times cried for months, usually in the bath, but after that, I have always managed to get off the mat and keep marching through life. “

I am truly blessed to have found what I love early in life, because it has allowed me to master my craft over time. Venustus, Paddington is a space where people gravitate to for various reasons:- to surrender/want to look ten years younger/to decompress after a huge week/escape from their children (who they love dearly) and/or they feel the need to connect with me.

I live by the core values of loyalty, ethics, love trust and being authentically me.

These are some of the quotes I use to help myself, my team, my clients and my friends stay aligned:

“Ethics, honour, love and courage”
“Be the truth seeker in your own life, for yourself”
“Help good people be extraordinary”
“You need to be, beyond reproach”
“Behave as though you already have it”
“Hand it over to the universe and wait, just wait”
“Love of self, love of another, communal love and universal love, in that order”

“My Venustus team has worked with me for over two decades, which is extraordinary, considering the standard 2-4 year staff turnover in the beauty industry. To ensure staff longevity and a superior team, I realised I had to put the time and energy into attracting the right ones that would want to stay and evolve with me and the business. It is incredible when you do find the right person, because you can keep investing, keep teaching and keep growing both personally and professionally. What that means for our clients, is that every member of the team has a broad beauty and body skillset and can do every treatment at the highest level, both energetically and physically.

I believe it’s essential to know what you are great at, and be ok with what you’re not. I am great at my work and I truly love it. I design bespoke treatments to aid the ailments we are feeling as an overstressed culture. I then design and make the products required for the treatments. My darling Gary works with me in the production of these Australian owned, made, cruelty-free organic Venustus products. I give consultations to clients before treatments to check in with how they are going in life, I do card and energy readings to better understand how I can help them, that one on one time helps me provide bespoke treatments that really change people and really raise the bar. What I’m not great at is cooking and keeping my desk and bedroom tidy? Although I do love it when someone tidies these for me….

I love my team all so much and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. Together we can and do achieve remarkable things. I never, ever, give up on helping my team achieve – and maintain – a level they never thought was possible. They are then amazed at what incredible work they can do. I see their potential before they can. I truly love my work.

BE grateful for everything you have, for everyone in your life. Not just of what you have and where you are, but for what you bring to this world, right now, right here. BE present. I live by this and I like to share, to give away everything, I have learnt and gathered along the journey.

This is my Morning gratitude prayer. Before I open my eyes, while I am still in bed in the morning, I reach over and hold a crystal, then say either in my mind or out aloud:

I am so grateful I can see
I am so grateful I can hear
I am so grateful for this amazing body with all the bits,
I am so grateful for Gary, I am grateful for Zac
I am so grateful for the puppies, that lick my face, for the rooster & the chickens
I am so grateful for living in this beautiful country, because I did nothing to be born here
I am so grateful for being a free woman, for being able to do whatever I want – for being able to choose “

“Then I get up and I like to spray an organic mist and I either have a bath/sage smudging/palo santo smudging/diffusers with essential oils, then I focus on:

how can I be the best mum
how can I be the best boss
how can I be the best partner to Gary
how can I be the best me

So I am thinking about this, seeing it, feeling it, falling in love with it.
Decide I will have it and then inform and hand it over to the universe

I like to create altars everywhere & have ceremonies often…

On holidays I love to read about business & the latest thought that resonated with me was that successful people in life can “articulate clearly, who you are, what you do and most importantly, why”


Right now I’m buying animal spirit cards, Banyan tree card, Midori notebooks, I find things on my travels and then stock them in Store so my clients have access to it all.

I also am in love with the HEAVEN and LOVE rings I bought from Babyanything, to remind me every day of love and the divine


Rushi Cronulla


I listen this and play through my clients. It really required listening for any female at any stage throughout their life. Podcast “A letter to the women of this world” Live Awake on #SoundCloud


Om facial mist & Om facial serum (my latest favourite skincare) containing organic essential oils, I find this spiritually levelling for me – creating am Om feel

Ethereal perfume (which I made for me & clients) every organic ingredient which help me – ethically, evolve

Belief essential oil for my bath every night/morning

Sage smudging & Palo santo smudging every day


Don Miguel Ruiz “The four agreements”
Louise Hay “You can heal your life”
Marianne Williamson “Unconditional love”
Dr Libby Weaver “Women’s wellness wisdom & the beauty guide”
Jan Kusmirek “liquid sunshine”


Racing Extinction. I love this because it shows both data of wha’s happening & human emotion of how to help

“Never, ever, give up on anyone who wants the opportunity to learn, grow and become their best Keep seeking your own truth, keep evolving and try to help anyone, everyone you can.“

Jeannie Bourke
381 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW 2021

Website: https://venustus.com.au/
Instagram: @venustus_australia
Phone: 0293614015

Sent with love,

Jac x