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What Would Fade If You Let It

I’ve had a few recent experiences that really made me sit up and re-evaluate some relationships. Usually I think most of us potter along with the status quo believing things to be something they are not. Holding onto a vision from months if not years ago, when things may have been rich with purpose and meaning, and are now completely different. But without our attention from a place of reality and not nostalgia, we continue on our merry way until bang, something jolts is from that vision.

It would be wonderful if we could always have a clear picture of what is, instead of being clouded by memory, biases and ego. It’s rarely possible.

So when these little gifts occur, let’s take them. Rather than be upset with ourselves or another, let’s take it for what I could be; a clearer understanding of reality, and to allow what needs to fade away, drift off with grace.

Sent with love,

Jac x 

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