A School for Creativity, Consciousness and Clarity

About Us

We’re a school for Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness. That means we…

Teach 3 part live courses in Vedic Meditation to bring you greater clarity and creativity in your daily life. Read more about the power of Vedic Meditation, here.

Work one on one with individuals wanting to upgrade their personal or professional life. Work practically on tools to improve communication, retrain your mind set and free yourself to be better. Learn more about our Private Mentoring packages, here.

Host monthly practical Philosophy evenings ‘The Broad Place Gatherings” that are open to the public and are a wonderful community night where people of like minds gather to hear inspiring talks on a range of topics from; The Art of Acceptance to Mind Nutrition and How to Decrease Stress and Increase Happiness. Join us at our next one by clicking here.

Customise innovative and productive Workplace Programs for teams looking to improve their output as well as their sense of wellbeing. Our comprehensive programs range from 1hr Inspiration Sessions through to 1 week, 1 month & 3 month packages. If you’re wanting to improve your staf and your business from the inside out, read here.

 Create meaningful, purposeful and luxurious products to bring a sense of special occasion to every day. Shop our capsule of products, here.

Immerse our students in transformative experiences, throughout Australia and in India at our annual 2 week discovery of a life time trip. Read more here about our Retreats in New South Wales and our 14 night extravaganza in India, here.

Write effective and powerful online programs and books for those wanting to practically explore their inner world independently. We have a range of offerings depending on where you’re starting out and what you’re trying to gain. To view all our publishings, talks, manuals and online programs, look here.


Jacqui Lewis is the powerhouse behind the transformation in so many people’s lives. She specialises in taking a regular, stressed, under the pump person and shifting them through accessible tools and practices so that they become more creative, grounded, healthier and happier. Jacqui takes ancient knowledge and makes it easy to understand and easy to employ in our modern day lives. Departing from an acclaimed Australian creative communications agency she co-founded with her husband, Jacqui brings into The Broad Place an energy and personal understanding of the demands of business, family and being engaged in a high energy world.

She is an educator, facilitator and speaker on clarity and high grade living. Jacqui teaches Vedic Meditation worldwide, executes corporate workshops and speaking, hosts retreats throughout Australia and in India and runs a host of workshops and talks globally that are centred around tools and practices for modern living.

‘I’m a big believer in High Grade Living. I don’t live a life meditating in a cave or forgoing lots of things, and I am not a monk. I am highly-engaged, energised and ambitious. I live in the middle of a busy city, I am a wife, mother, owner of a nutty Jack Russell, employer, business owner and more. I work passionately on things I love and that is teaching people unique and accessible ways in which to live better’.

Completing extensive Knowledge courses with one of the world’s leading Vedic experts and meditation teachers Thom Knoles, Jacqui has gone on to teach as a Master Meditation Teacher through The Broad Place, a multi-faceted brand formed around well-being and better living. Believing in education on every level, Jacqui continues to study and extend her teaching skills year on year.

Arran is a multi disciplinary creative  Co-founder of The Broad Place.

 Arran collaborates with partner Jacqui Lewis on projects merging The Broad Place’s meditation teaching and High Grade Living philosophy.

Creativity has always been the driver behind Arran’s work. Degrees in Fine Arts and Visual Communications led him straight into the creative scenes to work with Coca Cola, BMG Records, Lee Denim and Channel V among other power brands of the 90s. He went on to found fashion brands Marshall Artist and Vanishing Elephant, and launch a Czech produced wormwood Vodka called Babicka Vodka.

After success in fashion and selling Vanishing Elephant & Babika Vodka, Arran focused on creating the strategy and branding agency Folke Army, specialising within the food and beverage industries.

In his role as Creative Director at The Broad Place, Arran designs and develops products following the philosophy of High Grade Living, ensuring every element is ethically sourced and produced.

Click here to see all our upcoming courses in Sydney,Melbourne, Adelaide, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London and more if you would like to Broad Place to come to your city, Please contact us for more information.