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A School for Creativity, Consciousness & Clarity

About Us

A School for Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness. 

We are a global school sharing ancient knowledge and modern neuroscience, tools and experiences for higher grade living. Our teachings are based on time-honoured truths and practical experience. We are outcome-based and focussed on improving the quality of life for our students, teachers, and community. There is so much opportunity to become better at doing in life, we focus instead on the elements of being, as who we are as a human being informs all the action. We create education for people to understanding and empower themselves in their daily life, and to live with more clarity, creativity, and consciousness.

As a global school we are committed to creating a new paradigm for education and self-development, celebrating creativity and consciousness.

We aim every day to elevate how we offer our education programs, our experiences and our teach training to continue to the world in more creative and inspiring ways. We recognise that without students, one is not a teacher, and so our students are our entire reason for being. Everything we do is with the purpose of understanding and exploring ourselves so that we can better explore the world.

We have spent almost two decades studying Eastern knowledge and techniques, and years teaching meditation, and our Integrated Meditation program is the master class in everything that we currently teach over so many areas.

It was born from years of conversations, teachings Classes and courses and hosting Retreats, and thirsting to not just share with students meditation, but also arm them with lots of knowledge and other tools that we teach in one on one mentoring sessions, that we wished we could share with everyone.

The Broad Place is where we discover lasting change that enhances our life.

We’re a school for Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness. That means we…

Teach 3part In-Person courses called Integrated Meditation. Read more about the power of Integrated Meditation, here.

Provide in-depth and pround teachings through our ONLINE Classroom. Check out all of our courses, here

Work one on one with individuals wanting to upgrade their personal or professional life. Work practically on tools to improve communication, retrain your mindset and free yourself to be better. Learn more about our Private Mentoring! Email us at info@thebroadplace.com.au

Host monthly practical philosophy evenings ‘The Broad Place Gatherings” that are open to the public and FREE FOR THE BROAD PLACE STUDENT! They are a wonderful community night where people of like minds gather to hear inspiring talks on a range of topics from; Email us at info@thebroadplace.com.au

Customise innovative and productive Workplace Programs for teams looking to improve their output as well as their sense of well-being. Our comprehensive programs range from 1-hour Inspiration Sessions through to 1 week, 1 month & 3 month packages. If you’re wanting to improve your staff and your business from the inside out, read here.

Create meaningful, purposeful and luxurious products to bring a sense of special occasion to every day. Shop our capsule of products, here.

Immerse our students in transformative experiences, throughout Australia and Internationally at our annual Retreats. Read more here about our Retreats, here.


Jacqui co-founded The Broad Place, a global school sharing ancient knowledge and modern neuroscience, tools and experiences for higher grade living. We focus on clarity, creativity and consciousness and bringing a grounded, innovative and resilient approach into the lives of our students and clients.

A writer, educator, facilitator and speaker on clarity and high grade living, Jacqui teaches annually across Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong around Australia, as well as her town of London, and hosts immersive retreats globally. The Broad Place has an expansive offering of modern education with in person experiences and online teachings. Departing the world of advertising, marketing and branding, Jacqui helps people who are how she herself used to be; stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, keen to change their lives for the better.

Renowned for her practical and humorous approach, Jacqui has worked with LinkedIn, ANZ Bank, Westpac Bank and Scentre Group amongst other International companies, and has been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, BRW, Financial Review, Rhapsody, Sydney Morning Herald, Peppermint, Broadsheet, Mamamia and more. Jacqui was included by David Jones in a national campaign in 2016 for the Most Influential Women in Australia, and has spoken for Elle Magazine, as well as currently being published by Thames and Hudson for their large coffee table book on the essence of high grade living.

Arran is a multidisciplinary creative  Co-founder of The Broad Place.

Arran collaborates with partner Jacqui Lewis on projects merging The Broad Place’s meditation teaching and High Grade Living philosophy.

Creativity has always been the driver behind Arran’s work. Degrees in Fine Arts and Visual Communications led him straight into the creative scenes to work with Coca-Cola, BMG Records, Lee Denim and Channel V among other power brands of the 90’s. He went on to found fashion brands Marshall Artist and Vanishing Elephant, and launch a Czech produced wormwood Vodka called Babicka Vodka.

After success in fashion and selling Vanishing Elephant & Babicka Vodka, Arran focused on creating the strategy and branding agency Folke Army, specialising within the food and beverage industries.

In his role as Creative Director at The Broad Place, Arran designs and develops products following the philosophy of High Grade Living, ensuring every element is ethically sourced and produced.

EMILY SNAPE – Vedic Meditation Teacher

A message from Emily…

I didn’t know it at the time but my first experience with meditation was driven by a need to overcome years of anxiety and stress that had been building up, layer upon layer. As a child I was wrapped up in unhealthy habits and negativity which followed me through to my highly emotional teens and early 20’s. I was left with a huge hangover from this start to life, overweight, unhappy and stressed. I always felt deeply that I wanted to work in an industry that was designed to help and support people, in hindsight, this was probably more to help myself. I did my degree in nursing and was training in paediatrics. I was working long, random hours in one of Sydney’s children’s hospitals engaging in coping strategies that were totally unsustainable. Whatever stimulant that would tie me over would do.

Through my work I experienced anything from beginning to end of life care. I started to see something missing. I loved the concept for ‘primary healthcare’, this basically means work on the factors that cause illness to stop it from ever occurring rather than waiting for it to take over and then treat it. I undertook massive amounts of study to look at what this really meant, what is actually causing such huge rise in illness and a general decrease in well-being. We like to point the finger of blame on various external factors, eliminating this or that, adding in something else, yet across the board there was a common theme, stress. Essentially, too much stress in the system leads to illness on physical,, emotional and spiritual levels. When one of these areas is affected, we very quickly start to experience a lack of fulfilment and our days have a slightly grey hue. Unfortunately, no matter how many of these external things we move around and edit out, what we really are in need of is a way to be comfortable in our internal world.

Really, the root cause of most suffering is deeply ingrained beliefs and behaviours which present as illness in its many forms. I had a desire that wouldn’t go away, to really help people live healthy, happy lives.

I realised this wasn’t going to happen for me where I was, and that in order for me to have any idea how to do that, I would need to start with myself. With lots of angst and so much uncertainty, I eventually made the decision to take a break from nursing and spend some time stripping back my own behaviours that were keeping me from moving forward.

I found myself listening to guided meditation, attending long days of sitting still and trying really hard to quieten the thoughts, pretending like it was totally comfortable and cool for my, completely inflexible body to sit in some strange posture for hours. I was trying different techniques in short bursts of motivation that would dwindle off when I didn’t feel anything was happening anytime soon. Until I found a style of meditation that totally shifted my world! Creating lasting change, It was transformative and totally changed the way I viewed myself and my place in the world. Not long after learning I noticed confidence and clarity started to grow in me. Over time emotional and physical burdens started to dissipate and I became the most engaged and dynamic I’d ever been. My emotional, physical and spiritual health increased and I felt I was practicing something that was clearly sending me in the direction of my personal best.

I learnt in 2015 and immediately feel in love with the style, honesty, integrity and values of the founders, Jacqui and Arran and what they were dedicated to create with The Broad Place. These aligned perfectly with mine and as I became more involved and curious, diving into as much knowledge as I could, I saw the multitude of people, with various backgrounds, history and reasons for learning, have so much success from learning meditation at The Broad Place. I was continuing to learn about the mind and body, and the science behind how closely these are connected and the influence we can have over both to create wonderful lives for ourselves.

Now I’m a qualified teacher of the technique and the eternal student of anything that better equips me to continue peeling back the layers of myself, constantly refining and sharing the learnings. I’m so thrilled to teach others a practice that empowers and inspires them to be their best self.

JO SIMPSON – Vedic Meditation Teacher

A message from Jo…

I was first introduced to meditation as a teenager when my family was going through an intensely stressful situation and my mum in all her glorious wisdom recognised we all needed extra support. At the time the benefits were immediate, clarity, creativity and increased intuition. That first (and only) week I meditated twice a day, every day I can recall how vivid and exciting my dreams were!

However, being so young I didn’t appreciate the gift I was given and proceeded to forget and remember, on and off, over the years as life took over … Oh the advice I would give myself now!

As I established my career in marketing, innovation and people leadership across global organisations, I experienced situations and people that left their mark on my nervous system (all unbeknownst to me). Occasionally I would dip back in to my meditation practice but in the busy world of me and living I was never consistent and I was off the practice – by then my mantra was a wisp of a vibration. During this time, as the stress was becoming more evident, I tried a variety of different types of meditation but given my obsession with thinking, none stuck or even felt like they worked. There was a period in my life when the stress became full blown anxiety which of course I tried to hide and then treat discreetly. This was the crisis point I needed to get back to my values and get serious about a meditation practice that supports my mental well-being.

In terms of teaching, having experienced serious anxiety in my life and witnessed many close friends and family members grapple with their own mental health challenges I felt compelled to do something. I fully subscribe to the philosophy that Quality of Mind determines Quality of Life and it applies to everyone. An open, calm expanded mind brings with it many gifts – clarity, creativity, compassion and confidence – the ripple effect on others when even just one person is being expanded is profound. By far, the most effective and super easy way to consistently move toward expansion and openness has been Vedic Meditation, the basis for our Integrated Meditation course. I love how anyone can do it, the benefits are game-changing and it’s portable – so sharing this technique and other tools that facilitate people loving and living their best lives is deeply rewarding.

My meditation practice and ensuring I am imbuing the things that keep me energised (Humour, Creativity, Learning, Curiosity and Connections) are the core foundations for how I am trying to live my life as best I can.

Victoria Barber – Founder of Di Nuovo Fashion

“The three day retreat of yoga and meditation held by Jacqui Lewis at The Broad Place was an incredible experience and one that I am so grateful for.  The location was brilliant and carefully sourced and the food was delicious and exquisitely thought through. Jacqui was the perfect co-ordinator and she shared her extensive knowledge of Ayurveda with eloquence and humour. This, coupled with an inspiring group of fellow meditators made for a rewarding, relaxing weekend and I came away rejuvenated and ready to take on the pressures of life with a renewed energy.  Thank you so much, I am ready and waiting for the next one!

Emily L’Ami – Founder of Bodha

“Thank you so much for sharing Vedic meditation with me. The course was such a lovely experience and just like when I found ‘my yoga’ after years of dabbling in different styles I feel like I’ve finally found a meditation style that clicks for me. It’s part of my life now and I’m so grateful

Jacqueline Alwill – Founder of Brown Paper Nutrition

“Jacqui’s teaching in vedic meditation has fundamentally impacted the way I approach my life. Having meditated for years, but not been as diligent as I had hoped most recently, I undertook Jacqui’s vedic meditation course at The Broad Place. Honestly, it has been the most incredible thing I have done for myself, business and life overall in recent years. Through Jacqui’s teaching and my daily practice, I have become far better equipped to approach everything in my life with greater focus and clarity. I cannot speak highly enough for Jacqui’s teaching, guidance and ongoing support

Sarah Hogan – Melbourne Vedic Meditation Student

I wanted to drop you a note to sincerely thank you for the Vedic meditation weekend course.  I have been practicing twice daily and have already felt significant difference in my life.  I had hesitated for a while because of the cost involved but am now wishing I had done it earlier.  Your presentation style is very approachable and I particularly valued how you taught us to use this ancient wisdom in the real world.  The stories you used to illustrate your point were great, making it easy to apply the knowledge to my own life. I’m also grateful for the ability to stay in touch and look forward to attending another course next time you are in Melbourne!

Our teachings are based on time-honoured truths and practical experience and are outcome-based and are focussed on improving the quality of life for our students, teachers and community.

  • We will respect different approaches to meditation and the sharing of knowledge. We will honor the contributions and the efforts of others and not misrepresent them as our own. 
  • If we believe any student would be better served by another teacher or professional we will encourage the student to make a change. We will suggest that our students seek the services of other professionals when deemed appropriate or necessary. 
  • As teachers, we have a duty of care towards our students and should be alert to any abuse of power, emotional or otherwise. We will not exploit any aspect of the teacher/student relationship for personal benefit, professional advantage or monetary gain.
  • There is no hierarchy within our organisation and all teachers and students are treated equally. We are not a personality-driven organisation. We are wary of creating ‘gurus’ recognizing that this concept can be distorted and abused. We are also on guard for the human tendency to ‘disciple’ and become disciples of a teacher, and instead encourage students to determine their own truths through the practical teachings we provide. 
  • Sexual relationships between teachers and students are unacceptable. We fully understand the inherent power imbalance in all teacher/student relationship and are careful not to exploit this, and we hold ourselves with integrity and a full understanding of the potentially vulnerable and the misuse of power that can occur between teachers and students.

If you are a student of The Broad Place and are witness to any behaviour that is out of alignment with this Code, we will absolutely welcome any conversations that can take place around this so we can be accountable for our behaviours and for ensuring our students have a wonderful learning experience.