Testimonials – The Broad Place

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‘I took Jacqui’s Integrated Meditation Course and it was way beyond expectations – beautiful energy, high vibe, invaluable knowledge, incredible teaching skills and, most importantly, I learnt how to integrate 2x20minutes meditation into my daily schedule. And it’s safe to say it’s the very first time that I don’t feel any obligation or resistance towards it. I simply sit and meditate, with compassion and ease, I look forward to it. 100% worth the value and I have already taken on the next course – Enhance. Can not recommend it enough. Thank you Jacqui and The Broad Place!’
Mateja Naralocnik

‘I discovered The Broad Place at a time in my life when I was feeling low. Like, really low. Was this all there really was? From my first meeting with Jac, I knew I was on the right path. She literally scraped me off the ground and helped me pull the pieces of my life back together. Learning meditation was just the beginning, but what an integral first step. I learnt that this twice daily discipline would give me the space I needed to further develop my true self. I now have the tools to face each and every part of my life head on. I have been able to drop the stories in my life that no longer serve me and embrace what does with love, heart and compassion. I couldn’t recommend The Broad Place highly enough – wherever you are, whatever you do, whoever you are – I promise you, life will be better.’ – Kate Pascoe Squires

‘It had long been a wish of mine to travel to the Broad Place in Palm Beach and learn the art of Vedic meditation with Jacqui. I finally made it – and the experience exceeded my expectations 💗 Thank you Jac for making me feel instantly welcome – and part of your Broad Place family. You are wise beyond your years and generous with your knowledge and learnings. Your enthusiasm and love for what you do is inspiring and heart felt. I am truely grateful to be counted among your students and look forward to seeing where this new skill takes me. In gratitude,’ – Tess Kasper

‘The course has set me up with a twice daily practice which so far has shifted my perspective on life and lifted my productivity, clarity and mood. Each meditation grounds me and stills what is usually an erratic ego driven mind. Thank you Jac for your warmth, humor, and expressiveness. Jac has a no bullshit, non-judgey and down to earth approach to meditation teaching. Thank you and looking forward to re-sitting in person after the pandemic passes. Thank you.’
Sophie Weber

‘Doing the Bridging Course with Jacqui fundamentally changed the way I approached my meditation practice previously. While I try to keep a steady, regular practice, if life gets in the way, I know this is ok! I love Jacqui’s down to earth, relatable approach and I feel re-engerised, focused and accepting of my mediation practice now. It is great to have different perspectives from my previous course to The Broad Place course and feel the bridging Course is a perfect refresher and reminder.

Having the online portal and tools afterwards with the wonderful The Broad Place community further reinforced my delight and happiness to have undertaken the course. I know I have a place to go if I need ongoing support or just want to be inspired afresh in the future. I would 100% recommend The Broad Place’s Bridging Course to any previous meditator.’ – Pippa Kent

‘The course was ground-breaking – the knowledge that was shared was a perfect mix of ancient tradition adapted for our present time, near-science, and tuns of inspiration. The practical side of the course was incredible too – very accessible and soft yet super profound. Just a few days into this new practice I’m experiencing great improvement in my day-to-day experience. The whole experience was also fun and an absolute delight to be taught by Jac who’s animated, entertaining and super-insightful all at once.’ – Freya

‘I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an incredible experience with your course. I truly mean it that I have finally got ‘meditation’ after all these years of trying with little success.
Your practical and authentic (and sometimes so funny!) way of teaching made it all fall into place, and I am forever thankful.’ – Amanda

‘Thanks so much for a really profound learning experience this weekend. I just wish I had done it sooner! My advice to anyone thinking about doing this IM course is: Do it! I love Jacqui’s stories and analogies…and her teaching style is authentic and accessible. I feel that I have learnt how to really develop my own meditation practice – and I know that The Broadplace is there for me if I need any support along the way.’ – Justine

‘The Mind Heart and Soul Bootcamp was exactly what my mind, heart and soul needed. It gave me time to delve and reflect in the most nourishing way. The course was delivered in a wholehearted way that was easy to digest and put into practice. Jac is a superstar filled with wisdom and I have so much gratitude for the knowledge and tools she has shared.’ – Adelaide Friday

‘Aside from studying meditation this has been the most positively perspective altering and grounding course experience I have ever committed to. The course came to me at a time when I was feeling adrift and really brought me back to myself and my higher purpose. Throughout each stage of the course I felt nurtured and then prepared for the next. I look forward to continuing to reflect on the content in the weeks to come. I do not have words for the gratitude I feel for Jac’s guidance.’ – Lillian

‘Jac’s enthusiasm is infectious. Lots of information to digest and presented in a way unlike any other online course I’ve experienced before through the mind’s intellect and felt by the heart and soul. Thanks Jac for filling my mind with knowledge and my heart with love.’ – Jodie Paul

‘Just wanted to say…it’s been life changing!! Because it isn’t a food, movement, mind hack or extreme detox – skills for life, softly and gently integrated to incredible results. Combined with the Enhance program and a Fluidform Pilates subscription I’m literally glowing from the inside out and have an embodied sense that I have everything I need within me. Results include absolute joy and vitality. As a side note, my husband has loved it too and my eight year old is loving meditating!! Both boys were skeptical but very happy once they realised millions of green smoothies weren’t involved 😉 we have the vibrational chart in the fridge so we can continue on as a way of life. The results are enough to keep us going.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!’ – Magdalena Lane

‘Thank you so much for the incredible space and spirit to truly expand. You come and wave a wand with the right meaning and intentions around the wand to give us confidence to grow and be the self we wish to be. You are a Wizard Jacs. You make the thoughts feel actionable and real and with this we can make them more so. Thank you for being the Broad Place Wizard Jac’ – Tara Riddell

“Jacqui is an incredible master of her craft. She took our leadership team through a carefully curated program developed specifically for our needs, and was able to bring a true sense of wellness to a completely remote offsite – no mean feat! Everything from the art of journaling to guided meditations made for a truly immersive experience. The program put our most senior leaders in the right headspace to step away from the busy calendars and embrace self-learning. We’ll be welcoming her back!” – Amy Glancey, Chief of Staff, Atlassian.