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Anastasia Sydney

I recently had the pleasure of a one on one mentoring session with Jacqui. I went in with no expectations and some uncertainty around what we would speak about.  We touched on an issue I had experienced lately and which was bothering me.  This organically evolved into a profound conversation and light unravelling of a fear that had been bothering me since I was young.  It was so helpful to open the space up on this, to get guidance and relatedness that helped me understand myself better and how I might respond in the future in a way that would help me. In the days since we met, I have found myself looking at things differently and feeling happier than before.  Simply by switching around a couple of learned negative responses, I feel better about the way I handle certain situations, which in turn, makes me happier with myself.   I would highly recommend meeting with Jacqui, she has an extraordinary amount of wisdom for someone so young and a way of articulating in a manner that is relatable and identifiable.

Sarah Hogan Melbourne Vedic Meditation Student

I wanted to drop you a note to sincerely thank you for the Vedic meditation weekend course.  I have been practicing twice daily and have already felt significant difference in my life.  I had hesitated for a while because of the cost involved but am now wishing I had done it earlier.  Your presentation style is very approachable and I particularly valued how you taught us to use this ancient wisdom in the real world.  The stories you used to illustrate your point were great, making it easy to apply the knowledge to my own life. I’m also grateful for the ability to stay in touch and look forward to attending another course next time you are in Melbourne!

Julie Haslam Marketing & Events Consultant

Earlier this year I became very unwell due to an autoimmune disease. As part of my recovery, I decided to learn Vedic Meditation under the guidance of Jacqui Lewis. Through her progressive, thought-provoking and passionate approach to teaching I was provided the skills to live a more stress-free, mindful life. As a former believer of “meditation is for hippies”, I now practise meditation regularly and truly believe I am calmer, more tolerant and more efficient. Although I take 40 minutes out of my day to meditate, I get this back in productivity, ideas and clarity. I am incredibly grateful to Jacqui for helping me to see things differently and for encouraging me to stick with it. I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to adopt conscious living to at the very least meet Jacqui – her passion and enthusiasm for what she does will captivate you.

Tom McCoy Co-Founder of Stolen Recipe

As business owners, it can be extremely stressful when dealing with outside influences, whilst trying to make the right decisions.  We felt that at times things were completely out of control, which would send us into a whirlwind. For us finding Jacqui  at The Broad Place has been a blessing, an investment that gave us the tools to think with more clarity, and the ability to distinguish the things that were really important, from those things that were not so important.  Prior to learning Vedic meditation and the Vedic principals, everything had to be done by yesterday, late nights were just the norm, and spending time exercising and looking after our health, slid down the priority list by virtue that we just didn’t have the time. All this has now changed.  We highly recommend Jacqui  from The Broad Place to anyone looking to invest in their personal journey, to find that inner being that we didn’t know existed, that allows you to grow, and tap into something that is truly life changing. We can’t thank Jacqui enough and look forward to our continued learnings and personal growth.

Stephanie Rice 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

Learning Vedic Meditation with Jacqui was one of the best investments I have put into learning more about myself. It has opened up a world of new insights into the spiritual world and also to myself. What I loved most about working with Jacqui was that she was relatable. She is driven, passionate, hardworking and has set huge goals for herself and uses meditation as a vehicle to function at her optimum level … thats what I wanted! I am so grateful to Jacqui for opening my eyes to this wonderful world and technique.

Matt Ryan Sommelier

"Rounding has brought a completely new experience to my meditation practise, moving through the asanas before meditation allows my mind and body to be focused only on the movement. When I'm ready to begin meditation my mind is already clear and ready to receive all the benefits from the practise".

Elizabeth Private Mentoring Student

“I have been to councillors before and I certainly do not relax with them the way I do with Jacqui. I feel I can’t speak and be myself  the way I do with her. I like mentoring with Jacqui as she provides me with great strategies on handling certain situations, with a great positive bouncing forward attitude. Mentoring with her feels healing and nurturing . I always walk away feeling absolutely magical”

Andjelka Jankovic Private Mentoring Student

“A mentoring session with Jacqui is like giving a gift to your future self. She makes you feel understood, uplifted and empowered with practical strategies and wise advice for managing anxiety, indecisiveness, spiritual growth and self care. I am constantly referring to the notes from my session to feed my soul and plant the seeds for big changes in my life. I appreciated Jacqui’s kindness and compassion mixed with straight talking advice that cast a beautiful light on the adventure of life”

Rachel Bourke Founder of Sales Space

"It is hard to go past Jacqui as the go to person for learning the invaluable skill of meditation and/or seeking her wonderful guidance when it comes to living well. She is a rare phenomena, combining the sharp insight and impeccable presentation of her ideas she has honed as branding and marketing expert, with the clarity and wisdom that has been cultivated through her own personal practice - she definitely practices what she preaches and I could not recommend her enough"

Nick Tobias Founding Principal at Tobias Partners Architects

"It is hard to go past Jacqui as the go to person for learning the invaluable skill of meditation and/or seeking her wonderful guidance when it comes to living well. She is a rare phenomena, combining the sharp insight and impeccable presentation of her ideas she has honed as branding and marketing expert, with the clarity and wisdom that has been cultivated through her own personal practice - she definitely practices what she preaches and I could not recommend her enough"

Rhyll Gardener C-Suite Executive

"Jacqui is the ultimate meditation teacher and mentor for our complex times. She understands the demands of our day to day lives and gives great advice on how to fit meditation and other Vedic practices into it to improve our quality of living. Jacqui organises and runs the very best meditation retreats. The thought that she puts into the menu along with the overall comfort and positive experience for her clients is phenomenal and her food is nourishing and delicious. I highly recommend the experience"

Jacqueline Alwill Founder of Brown Paper Nutrition

"Jacqui's teaching in vedic meditation has fundamentally impacted the way I approach my life. Having meditated for years, but not been as diligent as I had hoped most recently, I undertook Jacqui's vedic meditation course at The Broad Place. Honestly, it has been the most incredible thing I have done for myself, business and life overall in recent years. Through Jacqui's teaching and my daily practice, I have become far better equipped to approach everything in my life with greater focus and clarity. I cannot speak highly enough for Jacqui's teaching, guidance and ongoing support"

Victoria Barber Founder of Di Nuovo Fashion

"The three day retreat of yoga and meditation held by Jacqui Lewis at The Broad Place was an incredible experience and one that I am so grateful for.  The location was brilliant and carefully sourced and the food was delicious and exquisitely thought through. Jacqui was the perfect co-ordinator and she shared her extensive knowledge of Ayurveda with eloquence and humour. This, coupled with an inspring group of fellow meditators made for a rewarding, relaxing weekend and I came away rejuvenated and ready to take on the pressures of life with a renewed engery.  Thank you so much, I am ready and waiting for the next one!"

Kristen Budd Founder of Orchard Street

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I had such an amazing experience at The Broad Place retreat – it has been 2 days post retreat and I just feel amazing!  I have come away feeling nourished, relaxed and have so much energy – I will definitely be returning. You made me feel so welcome and relaxed and the food was exceptional. It’s crazy, I now jump up at 6am instead of dragging myself out of bed at 730am. I just have so much more energy"

Rebecca Hambour Marketing Director at VBM

"Jacqui offers a fantastic journey into the world of Vedic Meditation. Having made the decision to embrace this form of meditation, Jacqui was definitely the right person for me. Having a flexible, realistic approach to this life changing opportunity and an ongoing support base is the way to go. Her passion is supported by a comprehensive knowledge and practise base. The Broad Place is the only place for me"

Rachel Bourke Founder of Sales Space

"Jacqui is an extraordinary woman. She meticulously transferred her knowledge, insights and passion of the Vedic Meditation tradition to my partner and I during our meditation training and we both came away feeling well educated and inspired to transform the quality of our lives thorough the art of Vedic Meditation. We have meditated every day since our training and have felt the results immediately. I will now be recommending Jacqui to all that I know"

Patrick Johnson Founder of P.Johnson Tailors

"I was skeptical that I could learn meditation. I had tried to learn some other type of meditations in Thailand but I kept falling asleep. Jacqui made the whole process very simple for me and after the first session I was hooked on Vedic meditation. My whole life is a lot better as a result which is pretty amazing considering it's basically shutting your eyes twice a day for 20 minutes. Get involved"

Emily L’Ami Founder of Bodha

“Thank-you so much for sharing Vedic meditation with me. The course was such a lovely experience and just like when I found ‘my yoga’ after years of dabbling in different styles I feel like i’ve finally found a meditation style that clicks for me. It’s part of my life now and I’m so grateful”

Melissa Ambrosini Holistic Health and Life Coach, Writer, Blogger, Speaker

“Jacqui makes meditation digestible and easy to understand. Her practical approach to incorporate it into our busy lives makes meditation so much more appealing for us fast paced city livers”

Carmen Elaraj Vedic Meditation Student

As someone not previously exposed to meditation, truly because I did not see myself able to sit still in silence for any period of time, I found this experience to be somewhat of a relief. Jacqui has a very welcoming & warm personality, her method of teaching made this practice feel very accessible almost immediately. Her ability to put a modern vibe on a very ancient practice made me feel inspired by my new practice and in a short time I feel more aware, calmer and accepting of the world around me. I am thankful for being introduced to Vedic Mediation and for my teacher Jacqui.