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In our dynamic modern lives, meditation is needed more than ever. But not all meditation was created for modern lives. Proudly, we have two fabulous cohesive offerings for you to learn meditation with The Broad Place, both teaching what we know to be the most profound practice for the modern mind – mantra based meditation. We have Mindfit Meditation our beginners On Demand Course, which you can do at your own pace, and our deeper Live Online and Live In Person intensive, Integrated Meditation. Continue to scroll down to see the comparison between the two, and click through to read more detailed information on each.

This is a LIVE in person or online course that can be sat from anywhere in the world. Derived from the art of transcendence and Vedic lineages, Integrated Meditation provides you with the opportunity to dive deep into meditation to allow for greater clarity, creativity and consciousness within yourself and your life. This LIVE course will empower you to be able to lessen the stress, anxiety and exhaustion of modern living and in the process elevate your creativity, resilience and clarity. This is a Live Course with a teacher, where you are one on one for part of the course, a deep immersion into a meditation technique you will have for life, over three sessions, spanning 6 hours study in total. Upon graduating you will know how to meditate with your own personal mantra for 20 minutes twice a day with lots of flexibility.

Mindfit Meditation is a holistic mantra based meditation course for the absolute beginner. This course is ON DEMAND, and offers the perfect introduction to an enduring mantra-based meditation practice through the use of two simple mantras, giving you all the tools that you need to create a sustaining daily practice. You can sit this course from anywhere in the world, at the pace you enjoy, but we have designed it for over 14 days study. Upon graduating you will know how to meditate with two universal mantras depending on your needs, for 15 minutes once a day.

Integrated MeditationMindfit Meditation
Actual Meditation Commitment10-20 mins x twice daily15mins x once daily
Learn On Demand Online At Your Own PaceYES, INCLUDED YES, INCLUDED
Option for technique to be learnt live in personYES, INCLUDED NO
One on One Personal Instruction YES, INCLUDED NO
Individual Personalised Mantra YES, INCLUDED NO
Universal Mantras NO YES, INCLUDED
Ability To Resit The Course YES, INCLUDED YES, INCLUDED
Learn In A Group Setting YES, INCLUDED NO
Follow Up Meditation Meetings YES, INCLUDED YES, INCLUDED
Follow up Education and Tools NO NO
Private Course Tuition Available YES, INCLUDED NO
Time Investment45mins + 2.5 hours x 2 days5-15mins a day x 14 days
Financial Investment$1200$249
Payment Plan AvailableYes please contact us NO
Can be taught in WorkplacesYes please contact usYes please contact us