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L E T T E R – The Freedom To Make Mistakes

As a recovering perfectionist, I have had intense experiences around making mistakes. It makes no sense as part of the creative experience is trying over and over, making beautiful mistakes, to come to a magic result. It involves a huge amount of freedom and all the mistakes in the world to get there sometimes. For some reason that was fine by me, and I relished it.

But when it came to the rest of life, I was brutal to myself when I made a mistake. From trusting the wrong type of person, to simply forgetting something important. I hear a lot of people who report the same thing. They’re curious and compassionate to the outside world and then frustrated and furious within when they make a mistake.

So it’s time we ensure there’s no duality. That we align inner and outer. My guidance is always that if we wouldn’t say it to a four-year-old, don’t say it inside to ourselves.

We need to accept that mistakes equate to freedom, as not making mistakes equals a very hideous tightly controlled natural system indeed.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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