Advanced Mantra Sessions – The Broad Place

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Advanced Mantra Sessions

Private Advanced Mantra 
– $750 AUD per person and is 75 minutes long.
– Open to all Vedic meditators who have been meditating for a year or more and want to take their practice and experience of the world to the next level.  For every year of Vedic Meditation, you can advance your practice – for up to seven iterations. Some involve the actual mantra and some the practice and length of practice.
– The teacher will discuss your personal practice, and what you wish to expand upon through consciousness, creativity and anything you are seeking clarity on. The teacher will perform a traditional Vedic ceremony, you will receive your next mantra and then you meditate together. The teacher will spend some time explaining the new process and practice for you and how to enhance your meditation and your life through your daily practice.
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When I went to receive my advanced mantra, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and part of my doubted whether it would really change my practice. How wrong I was. It’s amazing how such a simple change could shift things so much. I really felt my practice move to a different place. Where I think I was starting to get a bit comfortable, this really shook things up for me. It made me go deeper. In working with Jac over the past years, one thing I’ve really taken on is how important it is not to get stuck in maintenance mode and keep in creation mode. Taking on an advanced mantra is definitely a great way to do this with your practice. I’d recommend it to anyone who is seeking to expand and take things to the next level. But be prepared for the personal shifts that will go along with it.” Kate McCready

“Receiving my advanced mantra from Jac has been such a highlight of my meditation journey. Just when I thought my practice couldn’t expand any further, I was able to reach new depths. Jac, as always, gave me everything I needed to know to feel confident with shifting my practice into a different gear. Advanced mantras are such a rich addition to any practice, and I highly recommend any committed meditator going for theirs if it feels right. Going through the experience with Jac as your guide will enrich not just your session with her, but every meditation after that.” Emily Rees

“I learnt to meditate initially with Jacqui several years ago, and I have since received two advanced mantras through her, as always the sessions are relaxed and comfortable.  We sipped tea and had some juicy chats around the process of moving to the next mantra. Without question Jac is who I go back to for advice and support with all things meditation as her knowledge is also so in depth but presented in such a relatable way.” – Janoah Van Kekem


$750AUD incl GST per person or for each student, The Broad Place will donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation and restore eyesight in those in need in the indigenous communities of Australia. For each student that learns to close their eyes, we ensure someone else opens theirs.


Many students who have learnt with other teachers request to become more deeply involved in The Broad Place and take advantage of the Gatherings, learning Rounding and our Integrated Education Program and so we offer Bridging Course for this purpose. To read more on Bridging please click HERE. If you wish to bundle together the Bridging Course and an Advanced Mantra we are pleased to offer you the two together for $1150 inclusive of GST.