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The Broad Place have been featured in many high profile titles, and we have collaborated with some great brands and events. A selection of these are listed below.

  • Harpers Bazaar – 80 + Things to Do in Sydney

    #22- The Broad Place is a school for creativity, clarity and consciousness, specializing in teaching ancient knowledge for modern living. Led by the most energetic, warm, and passionate leader, Jac, you can immerse yourself in one of her intensive meditation courses in the beautiful Broad Place Meditation space in Paddington, for daily independent meditation to achieve greater clarity of mind, increased creativity, better health and rest…

  • VOGUE – JUNE, 2014

    “It’s a natural instinct in all of us to seek stillness, somewhere, somehow”

  • RHAPSODY – MARCH, 2016

    “Vedic Meditation was designed to bring harmony, unity, and wellbeing to every-day people—busy people. After all, it is the most plugged-in and overburdened among us that require such tools.”


    “Only a few decades ago, meditation used to be a weird word conjuring images of vegan hippies, Indian gurus and The Beatles. Now meditation is considered to be one of the key tools in leadership, management and productivity”.

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  • DAVID JONES – February, 2016

    Jacqui Lewis was invited to join a  group o f influential women in celebration of International Women’s day for David Jone’s Women in Conversation event. Watch a wonderful series of recorded talks about current issues and affairs relevant for women below.

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  • The Collective Hub – July 2017

    “The Broad Place’s clients range from businessmen on their lunch breaks to creatives and visiting celebrities. “I’m
    at times criticised for our incredibly enthusiastic approach to digital, but social media has been pivotal to growing our community,” says Jacqui…”

  • Sydney Morning Herald – February, 2015

    “Lewis says 20 minutes of Vedic Meditation is the rest equivalent of two hours sleep; a boon for productivity and a balm for a stressed nervous system”.

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  • Peppermint Magazine – 2017

    “Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell want people to think differently about meditation. After years of fast paced living, they set up Sydney based Vedic Meditation school. The Broad Place, giving students from all walks of life the tool and Ancient Knowledge for High Grade Living in a modern world.”

  • Broadsheet – January, 2014

    So what is Vedic meditation? Well, according to Lewis it’s all about “minimal input, maximum output. It is natural and effortless; an independent practice which allows you to be yourself, just a better version.”

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  • Designed By Life – May 2017

    The Broad Place. Even the name resonates on a different frequency. I’ve been a long time reader of their blog and newsletters and it wasn’t a surprise when I found myself writing an email to Jacqui Lewis, the founder of the school. You can tell that Jacqui is passionate about what she does – I have watched her create a studio, events, retreats and regular meditation courses around Australia and the US with such dedication and tenacity that it would amaze even the biggest sceptic. Naturally, I wanted to come closer…

  • The Huffington Post – January, 2016

    “The average adult has 90,000 thoughts every single day, with each one generating a response of some kind in the body. If you combine that with our coffee-chugging, scrolling-frenzied daily grind, it’s no wonder we humans are lacking the chill-factor.”

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  • ENDPAIN – 2017

    Jacqui Lewis and her partner Arran Russell are building an empire. Borne of their shared love for high design and an aim to educate around creativity, consciousness, and clarity, their school, The Broad Place, is helping modern professionals achieve greater balance in their lives. We spoke with Jacqui recently to learn more about The Broad Place and get her take on meditation, motherhood, and high-grade living…

  • FREE & NATIVE – April, 2016

    The uber cool Free + Native blog, a Modern Guide for Holistic Living based in LA featured The Broad Place’s adventure in California in their April Journal post.

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  • Nourished Journal – Edition Four, 2017

    “Grounding,” for me, is about being connected within to the earth and to nature. Grounding is about taking our heads out of the status quo of anxiety and frenetic overthinking, and being int he present moment…”

  • Our Newport – Summer Edition, 2017

    “Palm Beach couple Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russell are a creative force to be reckoned with. Together they co-direct The Broad Place, a school for creativity and consciousness that also encompasses a range of lifestyle products based on Ayurvedic philosophy….”


    “It’s important to be careful about our language – we all love to use words like ‘busy’ and ‘under the pump’; but using this sort of language creates stress-related hormones that impact on the body”.


  • WHO WEEKLY – JUNE, 2015

    “Creative thinking is hindered by lots of adrenaline, cortisol and stress in our systems, so once we clear that out, creativity naturally increases.”

  • SPORTLUXE – February, 2015

    “Long gone are the days where kids  used to kick around on BMXs all weekend and come home scratched and dirty for meal times. Now many children have mobile phones, are doing homework on their MacBook Airs and communicating with friends over text. We live in different times, and more than ever kids need relevant, easy tools in which to cope. Which is where  meditation comes in.”

  • Free People, March 2016

    “I believe the key is to keep the wonder, to keep the awe; to keep open and broad and expansive. To take nothing for granted in day-to-day living. I don’t mean in a ‘wow, isn’t life beautiful?’ fake happy way. That doesn’t last. I mean in a deep resonation with every little thing at home and at work. “

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  • Gritty Pretty – November, 2015

    Gritty explored the beauty benefits of meditation in this article with 5 steps to meditation

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  • OLIVER GRAND – July, 2015

    “For me meditation is a great tool for clarity and expanding creativity. I’m not into the spiritual side of it. I started meditating years ago at my previous job which was highly stressful and it helped me focus immensely and helped me realise I could leave that job and work for enjoyment again.”

  • NOT SO MUMSY – July, 2105

    “Take it from me, the process is beautiful and the results are life changing. And it’s super easy. I have never in my life felt more centred, clear and creative, and many people around me have noticed the difference.”

  • THE GRACE TALES – November, 2015

    “ Following your gut instinct and knowing that you’re on to something is vital. Testing the market is imperative. You might have the greatest idea in the world, but if the time isn’t right, it just won’t float ”

  • NOOD – May, 2014

    “Meditation improves memory, it increases grey matter which allows us to think faster and it brings clarity. It helps immensely with sleep, it decreases risk of disease especially to the heart. It has a significant decrease in cancer mortality, and increases immunity, reduces inflammation and helps fight a range of conditions from arthritis to high blood pressure and diabetes.”

  • SPORTLUXE – June, 2014

    “This is for people who understand they need to purify and exercise their brain, as much as their biceps, in order to have perfect health.”

  • RUSSH – August, 2015

    “Make life a joy ride. Keep all the fulfils you and leave the rest behind. These are the lessons of High Grade Living”.

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  • ELLE – July, 2015

    “Jacqui Lewis was invited to speak at Elle’s Little Life Changing Ideas event in July 2015. Jac spoke about how the little changes, improvements and refinements are how to make long lasting change.”

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  • SPORTLUXE – July, 2014

    “A 20 minute meditation is the equivalent to two to three hours body rest. It nourishes your mind and body and brings you back into sync with yourself. It satisfies the soul. It expands your consciousness and allows you to feel at one with everything, and in turn more in tune with your growing little one. Who wouldn’t want more of that?”

  • BURO 24/7 – July, 2015

    “Having so much digital engagement is wreaking havoc on our minds – and this affects our quality of sleep and stress levels the most. The solution? A little daily break.”

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  • MAMAMIA – May, 2015

    “For those who think they don’t have time, once you feel the increased happiness and joy for no reason you’ll  find the motivation for 30 mins of quiet time each day”.

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