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The Broad Place Teacher Training

Hello meditator! 

Becoming a Meditation Teacher for me personally, has been one of the most joyful, expansive, life affirming, and also gritty and challenging things I have ever undertaken! Connecting with students all around the world in person and online, and sharing meditation has, not to put it lightly, changed my life. A Meditation Teacher can have a profound impact on the world, helping expand consciousness, and meditators can live a life with less stress and reactivity and more kindness and love, and helping being a part of that is an honor. In addition to this, in order to be a Meditation Teacher of integrity, authenticity, full of compassion and not fall into the trap of spiritual bypass, one must really learn to integrate their own shadow. The work we do on ourselves as teachers is some of the most important work we can do. 

So in creating the new Broad Place Meditation Teacher Training, I wanted to look at ALL facets of the teaching process. For 23 years I have been studying meditation, Vedic knowledge, yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and Taoism, alongside many other Eastern practices including Qi-Gong, Tai Chai, Silat and karate. I have also been diving more deeply into neuroscience and philosophy, in a deepening support of my personal practices and my own teaching. 

As a teacher of meditation myself, I have taught students from all walks of life, around the globe, in so many different settings and cultures. I have practiced and taught meditation from the three major camps of Concentration, Contemplation, and Transcending mantra based practices. I have trained dozens of teachers in Vedic Meditation, an intensive process where teachers in training must have meditated for 1-2 years minimum 20 mins twice daily, undertaken a 6 month Vedic philosophy course and then applied 20 hours a week for 14 months in order to become a Vedic Meditation teacher. It is certainly not for the faint hearted, nor those without a large amount of funding (about $20,000 AUD). So when it came to creating an accessible, expansive Meditation Teacher Training, I was very clear on what could benefit the teachers we train, as well as the students who learn under them. What we are creating is a Meditation Teacher Training that will provide graduate teachers with an incredibly strong personal practices spanning the three major categories of meditation, as well as the ability to teach different styles depending on the situation. This will provide not just the ultimate in flexibility, but also a depth of study, practice and teaching that the world needs right now. 


The course is divided into Two Parts, with the first part being philosophy, history, wisdom and actual practice. This is a requirement to go onto Part Two, which is where you learn how to become an authentic teacher and leader in your field. However you can also just sit Part One if you wish.

It will be hosted from April 2024 through October 2024.

  • The Meditation Beginner. If you’ve been busting to dive into meditation but have had no idea where to begin, you will learn so much in this course for your personal practices.
  • The Meditation Enthusiast. For the student that already practices but perhaps not steadily and is often bored, if you want to deepen your knowledge and practice on so many levels, this course is perfect.
  • The Meditation Teacher. If you have found that you want to deepen and expand your teachings, this course will give you in the depth knowledge and practices to do so, not only will you personally grow, so will your students.
  • The Yoga Teacher. Have you been keen to extend more meditation into your teachings? This is your perfect opportunity to do just that, and to have a toolkit of practices on hand depending on your needs.
  • The Coach, Mentor or Therapist. Do you currently have clients that you know would benefit from learning and practicing meditation, and you are always referring them, but know they would benefit from learning with you? This will provide you with what you need to tailor it to your clients needs.
  • The School Teacher or Tutor. Stress in children is on the rise, and meditation is more and more frequently being implemented in schools, and this course will help you share meditation with your students to enhance calm, stability and resilience. 
  • Human Resources or Team Leaders that want to be able to share meditation with their teams as a valuable resource in their workplace.
  • Anyone that wants to share the profound benefits of meditation with the world!


There are TWO PARTS to this Teacher Training. Part One anyone can sit, the second part is for those who wish to go on and teach meditation themselves. You have to sit the first part to complete the second, but you may sit Part One by itself, and also further into the course join Part Two. 

TO FIND OUT MORE PLEASE EMAIL INFO@THEBROADPLACE.COM.AU and we will send you more information on this transformative training….

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